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He would be most people

Posted Jan 18 2013 3:12am
idea of history before 5, all the history first 10 choose pau gasol is undoubtedly the greatest pressure on players, he not only suffered a knee injury problems, Jordan Shoes VII and even in the face of various trade rumors. But to pau gasol is a comfort, he got his teammates in public support. Kobe Bryant (micro bo) force a pau gasol, says the Spaniard is his brother. According to ESPN revealed that Steve Nash had to join the lakers one of the conditions is to leave pau gasol, and team management also promised this requirement. Pau gasol is averaging this season only 12.6 points while shooting is dropped to 42%, the two data are low career. And in the new handsome. Anthony offense, gasol's role and position are produced very big change, Air Jordan 11 to adapt to the Spanish is not good. Before the game to magic, pau gasol in the last 6 7 seconds press has been on the bench, watching the team lose. In addition to adapt to the problem, pau gasol trouble more than that. Pau gasol is currently encounter knee inflammation was bothering himBe a coaching staff requirements, and missed the game yesterday and the rockets. The lakers did not win, they pull games by your opponent reversal. In addition, pau gasol was all kinds of rumours trouble, Jorddan 11 Retro there are rumours that he want to be send to walk, transaction object includes small, Virginia, and, and lai Ann Anderson wait for the player. In pau gasol, the lakers management have not yet said. But in a loss to Houston's game, kobe Bryant has made it clear that he will force a pau gasol. "I love pau gasol, he is like my brother." Kobe Bryant said, "I hope he can find to become dominant, Jordan Shoes XI I am familiar with the player." "Pau gasol don't be discouraged, we should give him more encouragement and support." He continued, "we should give him more opportunity to low, because where he can hit the dominant performance. Pau gasol won two championship rings. So I'm sure, when the restoration of his health came back, we all have to adapt to, and find the balance." In addition to kobe Bryant, on the sidelines of the Nash is gasol's supporters, and his position is likely to give up the transaction Spanish important reason. According to the ESPN reporter butch revealed that
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