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he decided to commit suicide

Posted Jan 07 2013 4:12am
"Bring out your mobile phone!" Man behind. Xiao Yang through some wine strength, mission hand over my mouth break man: "let me go first." Man also, immediately let go.

"That is to take out your mobile  nike air max flyposite info phone, or I put your face cut." Said, men who drew the sword hand in a gesture.

While the other side unprepared, xiao Yang a off each other's knife, and threw it into the river. Man still don't let go, and put her down to the ground. Come out of

the pockets apple mobile phone, the man took the past.

"You return the mobile phone to me, I just to give you the money, let me go first." Xiao Yang begged, man, who also didn't embarrass her, then her.

The robber left identity information

Xiao Yang said he had no money and didn't take card, the man went back to her room rental. The way, xiao Yang ask why want to rob. Man explained to save his girlfriend,

to borrow money, and so on will also have money.

Go to took the card in the room, xiao Yang to an ATM machine nearby took 1000 yuan to man. She felt that man is a little strange, tentatively asked each other id

number, didn't think man said happily, also said that his name is sun. Man said only temporarily borrow money, identity information is true, not believe the word can

take id card tomorrow. Then, the man take money away.

To xiao Yang unexpected, the second day morning 9 o 'clock, the man really take id card for her, said yesterday    adizero crazy light 2 shoes for sale   for the id number is true. Xiao Yang to check once, it

is true.

In the face of this strange man, xiao Yang is very puzzled. After he left, xiao Yang wanted to think, or run to xushuguan mountain station called the police.

December 19, according to the police found the man of identity information. Man sun, 23 years old this year, sinpo town, cixi city, about the say "borrow money to save"

he improvises lies.

On January 5, 6 in the evening, "110" huangyan public security bureau command center received a report to the police. Police said one of his friends DaiMou is likely to

commit suicide! Referred to in the east station police immediately rushed to alarm people soft bridge.

Broke up with his girlfriend, he decided to commit suicide

Police said anxiously, about an hour ago, he saw on the micro letter, DaiMou said he want to commit suicide, and also issued a knife and cut his wrist after bloody


He immediately hit DaiMou on the phone, but the other is power off. When he got to DaiMou dwellings, DaiMou   adidas adizero rose 773 for sale door locked, and said unto him, if the intruder and suicide.

Police asked DaiMou the causes of suicide, report to the police, saying, DaiMou may be after break up with your girlfriend want to do so.
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