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Great Quotes - On fear of failure...

Posted Mar 16 2011 6:17am

Seth Godin Fear of failure is actually overrated as an excuse. What people are afraid of is not failure. It’s blame. Criticism.

We choose not to be remarkable because we are worried about criticism. We hesitate… because we’re worried, deep down, that someone will hate it and call us on it.

That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” “Who’s responsible for this?”

Sometimes the criticism doesn’t have to be that obvious. The fear of hearing, “I’m surprised you launched this without doing more research” is enough to get many people to do a lot more research, to study something to death, and then kill it.  Hey, at least you didn’t get criticized.

Fear of criticism is a powerful deterrent because the criticism doesn’t actually have to occur for the fear to set in.

Seth Godin

Ann's Thought Provoker:

Where is fear of criticism acting as a powerful deterrent in your life?  What would you do if you absolutely knew that you wouldn't get criticized for it?  Who is the 'they' that you fear being criticized by?  Are 'they' really likely to criticize you?  What would happen if 'they' DID criticize you?  Do you really need to pay attention to what 'they' think? 

Just wonderin'...

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