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Grandma and her boyfriend eloped to the north loyal to my daily home

Posted Sep 07 2013 7:32am

 Together with her boyfriend almost two years. Half the time, pregnant UGG トドラー. Because the relationship between age, as well as economic, not considered to be the child's mind. Then I do not know, call me cousin took me to knock down. Unfortunately into a black hospital, bleeding. My sister scared, called to tell the family. Lost a lot of blood, but also let the pain fainted. Then alerted the other doctors have also come to the rescue. I will always remember my sister, sister's sister also came. Is to keep cursing my boyfriend, and even my husband wanted to beat him, but fortunately my sister stopped. Doctor's excuse is that I do not take medicine into the photo. The doctor we have a lot of black money, all of a sudden have to pay, do not pay will not give you even surgery. In the courtyard there some days, a little better on the hospital. At home he personally feed my medication, take me to serve as a baby メンズ. Male chauvinism, he was never at home to be a little bit of his chores. Since then her boyfriend to give them the impression of really bad, the family at home to worry. In the past six months I went home, the family will not give me out. Who do not leave me on the fifty yuan or more, I worked hard enough to raise $ 50 to do a bank card, her boyfriend to beat money. I immediately pack up their money while they are not looking, slipped out! It took another day for a year, my grandmother at home watching me struggling to come back Casual?その他. That's the reason it does not, because those of my cousin cousin, married is far longer, and life is good, even the wedding did not have to drink a cup. So they would no longer afraid I was married away. I was in northern South he was with her boyfriend is simply one day an earth. Together with his family conditions are not good, cold weather in the north. Really really want to go back and look at my grandmother, from small to large long Grandma Loved me. However, because a person back bored and want to go back to my grandmother with her boyfriend look and see if she likes it or not UGG カジュアル&スニーカー. Explain our relatives are at home in another city to do business, including my parents. My grandmother also had in there, and this year New Year back home telling that not to far places to go bad. So Grandma one person in the home, you say Can I bring him back to go? I saw my grandmother can do it! My grandmother was a sensible man, you said she would not be angry ah? I'm afraid gas halo, she really contradictory!


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