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governments at all levels many times to appeal

Posted Jan 07 2013 3:59am
Chased the thief: obsessive run km

Turn an eye, a girl's cell phone was stolen by a pest, and then, two thieves pretend as if nothing has cheap nike kobe 6   occurredly appearance, ready to leave. "" an arrows step

rushed to steal mobile phones of pest control. And the other a pest find things riverside, started running. "Quick! Catch the thief! Stop thief!" See the thief would

disappear in the crowd, "flower", he shouted, and catch up.

Before and after the "flower" memory, said after the thief spent nearly ten minutes, he from yongchang road to the lane, and then from the lane to yongchang road,

cunning pest on the run on the road show S beat around the bush, ran out of about 900 meters, pest to slow down. "I'm panting, all run, if the thief ran 50 meters, and

I have to give up." Recall chased the thief, "flower" said was very lucky, ", the thief has run, suddenly stopped not far in front. Maybe he didn't find me, think I've

given up." In this way, "flower" gently by the thief, the unexpected thief grabbed, hold fast to their arms to control it. Then, back to the place, and "" three

people meet, they together to to zhang ye road station. Afterwards just know, the stolen two girls is lanzhou medical school graduate students this year. Facing the

stolen mobile phones, two girls repeatedly said "thank you, thank you.
To investment promotion and capital introduction is to boost the economic development of local government "engine", the development of local economy should be on the

basis of legal. Baoying county of

cheap nike kobe 7   jiangsu province, however, in the investment promotion and capital introduction, not only to sell illegal land rent levying the

villagers to enterprise built plant, also lead the illegal building workshop sold to enterprise. Recently, the reporter will investigate illegal baoying liubao town

industrial park, jiangsu province.

Implications on built large workshop villagers petitions fruit

In liubao town industrial park has dozens of enterprise has been put into production, some is under construction, among them, and the governments of the new standard

factory building, also has basically completed.

Local villagers tells a reporter, industrial park is located is the whole river village more than 40 household villagers of farmland, since June 2003, governments were

400 yuan/mu per year in succession. Villagers said that liu castle to lease land sold all of the enterprise to build the plant. To this, the villagers to the

governments at all levels many times to appeal, write, for, however, the problem has also not been resolved.

Reporters from the villagers provided on June 19, 2003, "the liubao town industrial park land agreement" and on May 9, 2006, the "supplementary agreement", in order to

speed up the construction of industrial park, the governments of liubao about chunqiu river village rocket group
cheap nike zoom lebron 6   all arable land rent, the rent for a year, 400 yuan per

mu in pay cost 160 yuan/mu, deducted from the rent in, will adjust compensation standard for each 120 yuan/month.
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