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Gathered at its base mortar more and more

Posted Dec 05 2012 2:36am
Sri Lanka policy Oise second lieutenant borrowed from next to an infantry rifle, rifles, he wore a German helmet held on top of the hill, at least a dozen bullets to shoot to a split, the Indians shooting sight Although not very good, but that helmet on or inevitably leave bullet holes twenty-three.
    Next to the infantry from the body of the grenade package inside to dig wooden handle grenades, Sri Lanka policy Watts just for the new magazine of the Ruger pistol inserted leather holsters, compared with the private and non-commissioned officers, the German lieutenant equipment to be much simpler, Ruger 08 instead of the hands of ordinary infantry Mauser rifle, grenade shoulder package alternative package, they only helmet and rucksack.
    Gathered at its base mortar more and more, but they had no way to completely clean out the garrison of the top of the hill, but fortunately responsible for the support of this beach is the Navy's carrier-based aircraft forces have been rushed to the scene, they circled the laps after aerial bombs began to invest in the top of the hill spider web British army trenches and stones like earth and stone bunker.
    Arm looks very stout Adams policies the Oise still swirling Mubing grenades bottom cover, there are a row of 50 mm mortar shells paddled graceful arc fell on steep slopes at the top, and a burst of more violent explosion above British position seems to be no movement, however, when a few brave German infantry
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