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From which head to eat bananas

Posted Sep 25 2012 3:04am
The apec meeting in Shanghai, China central television made a talk show, an American in China female investors said that let me memory deep a words: "we americans eat bananas from the tail off, the Chinese people always from the cusp strip, difference is very big, <a href="">peuterey prezzo</a> but no one who have to change the necessary?"
Her words, give me the inspiration, the world many things, head of state between event, people get along with little things, there are many are with this "from which head to eat bananas" have similar place --, each party holding one end, perhaps both are reasonable?.
A man is hard to let oneself change strip banana way, if have is a habit. A people stop smoking, he quit a day smoke, extremely afflictive, he thought: "I just give up one day, is it so hard, day ah, if I can live for 10000 days. Even if by 9999 days of sin, forget it." The former smokers is a loser. Change the idea: "the first day I quit smoking is successful, really good if I will live for 10000 days of words, hold on, the back of the 9999 days from successful start, much good!" The former smokers in the sense of accomplishment, glugged day by day.
Hinder us to change our way of banana peel reasons, most of the time are our own mental retardation and myopia. Meet is difficult to change an Angle to want to try. It is a most simple: banana can be from two head to eat.

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