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foot of the Spanish jordan retro 3 for sale marble so that the light can Kam people ear, came dough singing linger at the ea

Posted Dec 01 2012 12:58am
I bitterly to open the dictionary, check the word "happy", saw that says: Happy, happy, joy. "Well, I'm happy?" Over and over again questioning myself, "Yes, I am very happy," a confused voice floated from a corner of my heart.I close my eyes and meditate, indeed, I am a very happy girl. I have a happy, harmonious, happy, wealthy families can live a "clothing to hand out rice to mouth life; school, with excellent results, the brightest minds, classmates and teachers like me. This does not have to prove that I am a happy girl? Spare time, I like a man came to the cafe near jordan retro 6 for sale   a door, his head is huge and bright Italian crystal chandeliers;

 foot of the Spanish jordan retro 3 for sale   marble, so that the light can Kam people; ear, came dough singing linger at the ears, then sit back swaying swing chair, point the cup 60 degrees cappuccino, the coffee came out a plume of and contains faint Ming-air with a straw knees, quietly waiting for the coffee to cool down slowly. Wait a pleasure. Next, use a teaspoon spoonful spoon and scoop up a cup of brown liquid into the mouth to savor. Taste, is a pleasure. It turned out that happiness is that simple. I stood on a small stream, with green wicker river dipped in pale blue sky on a stroke, wrote: "Happiness is everywhere!" Go on the way home, autumn Hsi Zhejiang Lili underground, the slightest drizzle down the river, bit by bit in my cheek, give me Bong little depressed heart adds a bit deserted, Relax.
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