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Five Factors Causing Damage to the Sand Maker

Posted Nov 17 2012 1:44am

In general, the harsh working environment of mining equipment and long working hours easily cause the damage to the sand maker in the using process. In addition, what other factors will cause the damage to the sand maker? The experts of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery will analyze the factors of the damage to the sand maker.
First, the operation of the sand maker needs professional operator. The production practice has proved that the unskilled operation may easily cause the damage to the components of the sand maker. Seriously, the whole machine may be damaged, which will cause the shutting down of the factory and affect the production. In addition, the investment cost for the equipment will be increased. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following points. First, before starting the machine, you should check if the hammerhead and the screws of the liner are tightened to prevent the collision of the hammer head and liner. Second, test the machine without load. Observe if the vibration of the sand maker is too large or the rewind phenomenon of the motor. Third, the iron blocks and other metal objects are not allowed to enter the machine. Forth, observe the attrition degree of hammerhead liner and timely replace them.
Second, the sand making machine has certain applicable range. It requires that the ore material into the machine should exceed certain size. If the size is too large, the ore materials will be clogged at the outlet of the sand maker, which will affect the production or even damage the impeller of the machine.
Third, you cannot start the machine if there are materials in the sand maker. If you do so, the starting pressure of the motor may be too large, which will burn out the motor.
Forth, the sand making machine is fixed by the screws. The frequent vigorous vibration will make the screws loose. In the using process, if there is abnormal sound in the sand making machine, you should timely stop the machine to check it and find out the reasons to tighten the screws.
Fifth, the sand making machine requires maintenance. Otherwise, the attrition among the iron pieces in the machine may easily cause damage to the machine.

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