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Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase

Posted by hekrishna


74 years old man.  Recently blood test reveals elevated alkaline phosphatase 730 units normal range 45-140  So far no doctors could give me a clear idea of reasons for elevation.  Pure vegetarian by birth no smoking, drinking, and other bad habits.  Doing simple exercises daily for 30 minutes.  Is there any solution to thi sproblem.  Is it due to bone problem or what  All govt hospitals various specialists diagnosed with over 24 blood tests etc.  Family doctor advised me to forget this result


One doubt in my mind is that about 42 years I had a small accident by lifting 78 kgs.  For 2 days suffered with back right side about hips.  One doctor then diagnosied a chip in bone joint.  Due to constant travel did not take any medication or advice from sugeons.  It went on like that  In Canada Family doctor sent to various doctors and one highly specailit of kidney  

Recently one friend suggested your web site and recommended to consult you for this  Pl guide me what to do for this



hare krishna money

ottawa, canada 

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