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Electric Wheelchair Battery Charging

Posted Oct 22 2009 10:58am

Because your electric wheelchair is an essential component to living independently, it is important to perform regular service checks on your chair.   The most common service issue we see at Orbit Medical comes from wheelchair users not properly maintaining their electric wheelchair batteries.  

Typical symptoms consist of poor battery strength and duration.   Usually, this points to a problem with either the battery or the charger.   Below we have listed some good charging instructions to follow based upon how often you use your electric wheelchair.

  • Everyday Use – If you use your electric wheelchair everyday, it is important to charge your batteries every night.   The batteries should be charged for a period of 8 to 14 hours.
  • Weekly Use – You should always charge your batteries to a full charge before letting it rest.   During the week, be sure to regularly check the battery indicator for battery life levels.   Once the batteries begin to discharge (or show yellow lights only), charge the batteries back up to full.   Batteries should never be left in a discharged state for any extended period of time.
  • Important Note:   You should never leave your electric wheelchair battery plugged into the charger for over 24 hours because it can cause permanent damage to the battery or it can cause the battery to leak acid    

Proper charging habits are the single most important maintenance routine for electric wheelchairs.   If the batteries are continually discharged to a low level and not charged correctly, the battery quality will continue to decrease.   Typically, a battery should last anywhere from 1 to 2 years with good charging practices.

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