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Economic Health Concerns

Posted Oct 23 2008 6:20pm

Remember the adage about the 80-year old who tells a friend that if he had known he would live so long, he would have taken better care of himself.  With Americans' life spans increasing, that sentiment is probably being repeated more often nowadays than in years past.

A corollary to the maxim about physical well-being at an older age relates to economic health -- "I just hope my money lasts as long as I do."  Though many people say it jokingly, as Baby Boomers are beginning to come of age this month, the concern may become more prevalent with each passing year.

Now composed of middle-agers, the Boomer Generation plays an important role in sustaining our economy because of its buying power, especially since consumer spending accounts for about two-thirds of the nation's overall economy.

While some Boomers are planning on getting a rocking chair and sitting on the porch to watch life go by, many others are mapping out ways to remain active -- from continuing to work full or part time past the traditional retirement age to moving into a retirement village full of amenities conducive to increasing physical exercise and enhancing their social lives.

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