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Posted Nov 12 2012 8:46am

It is looked down upon to struggle with substance abuse. It is seen as a legal issue where if any discernible ingestible/sellable amount of drugs is found on a person or they are suspected of participating in trafficking, they are prosecuted. They are fined, sentenced to probation, community service or jail time with a misdemeanor or felony drug possession charge depending upon the amount determined to be present. What about the drug addiction that that man or women is dealing with? That is a medical problem not a legal one. But, often times, men and women spend months or years in jail not focusing on the healthcare that they need for the mental, emotional and physical changes that their body has undergone. During their time of drug use and imprisonment they are not focusing on a proper drug rehab program for their own health and recovery, but the community and government could take that interest for them and for the interest of the community upon that prisoner's release.

Drug addiction and abuse is a general health problem for all communities. Whether someone is abusing alcohol, prescription drugs or "street" drugs, they still need help finding any local, state or government supported drug rehab facilities or programs that can help them get onto the right track. These types of community provisions are particularly useful for individuals whose familial or community surroundings are polluted with drugs and criminal activity. Their drug consumption is one health issue that they have to conquer for themselves but their criminal acts of theft or assault for the financial support of their drug habit is a separate legal issue. But the numbers have not decreased enough to warrant assumption of success in this arena.

Because when it comes to local, state and Federal public health programs for drug abuse, there have been too many financial sacrifices made in this area. There have been cut backs in the  cheapclarisonicmia2 availability of these services because they cannot meet the intense demand of many communities. And the lack of assistance with safe medically assisted detox or effective therapeutic rehabilitation does nothing for the prevention of or management of substance abuse in at risk communities where criminal activity and substance abuse are connected in many ways.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, drug rehab assistance has existed within the prison system for twenty   years. They must, as do programs available to the general public, implement the latest statistics, data and practices in order to provide the most effective treatment. The implementation of these programs fosters a genuine increase in positive behavior, inmate education, achievement of employment, interpersonal relationships with their loved ones, and improvement of well-rounded health. This also includes a marked reduction in relapse, criminality, recidivism and mental illness, which is reported on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website as a result of the use of their "current drug abuse treatment strategy" which, as stated earlier about community programs, is only Clarisonic Mia 2 limited by the local, state and Federal involvement in what each prison is able and willing to offer short and long term sentence carriers and which inmates will receive the much needed care.


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