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dozens transact foreign marriage

Posted Mar 02 2013 2:14am

ompany introduced foreign marriage, 870,000 referral fee cheated naked. Yesterday, reporters learned to handle foreign-related marriage fraud in the name of the suspect Liu nike free run shoes   Xiaopeng, Chaoyang District Prosecutor's Office for prosecution for fraud.

Liu Xiaopeng where the company is a Canadian company, was founded in 1999 in Beijing, the agency of the Office business is to introduce marriage with foreigners to apply for U.S. K class visa or Canadian family reunion immigration visa. July and August 2006, Liu Xiaopeng took over the offices, do not advertise to attract customers, not propaganda, are to introduce new customers and old customers, the consent of the consent of the customer, the customer's name on the two sites in the United States registered. Successful registration, the offspring customers find the right object to the other mail, chat, contributed to the foreigners come to China to meet the mutually satisfactory nike free run shoes    marriage has been registered in the country, to assist client organizations visa materials submitted by the client to the embassy visa. But in 2008, the representative office due to no renewal revoked business qualifications.

Seized CLC, Beijing Representative Office, the 19 victims of the company belongs to Liu Xiaopeng pay a total of 87 million yuan, the vast majority of the 19 victims had never seen foreigners Liu Xiaopeng arrangements have not seen even a photo . Until the victim door to discuss that when found, Liu Xiaopeng took the luggage and belongings fled the office is located the Beijing Xibahe Intel apartment, dozens transact foreign marriage officers as garbage scattered in the office.

It is understood that the nike free run 2    full name of the U.S. K class visa American fiancee (Cardiff) K visa category refers to the non-immigrant visa foreign fiancee (Cardiff). Intend to become attached to U.S. citizens and expatriates, Class K visa requirements for fiancee (husband), after approval, foreign fiancee (Cardiff) to enter the United States 90 days after planning a wedding, wedding, you can apply for a conditional green card , can apply fo

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