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Do not take the headset improper cadres - headphones maintenance Aspects

Posted Jun 15 2012 9:50am


Headset as the highest penetration rate of electronic devices, Beats Ibeats  widely applied to various electronic devices, but many people do not pay attention to the maintenance of the headset in the use of headphones, many people headphone use and maintenance of many errors. Then how to extend the service life of the headset?A, headset maintenanceA. Maintenance of the headphone plugThe headphone plug is a very sensitive site, because once it appears the problem will result in poor contact, greatly affected the use of effects.Now, there are a lot of headphones in the the production the process of In order to reduce the impedance mostly uses a gold-plated the plug of, but despite the is the case, the the excessive the wear and tear as the in use also will make of the sound quality of the headphones be affected, the effect is be greatly reduced.

This metal layer is generally very thin, if repeated friction,  Beats Tour  will be seriously damaged the fragile metal layer, thereby enabling the headset to serious injury, can also cause the output device contacts loose, making poor contact. Therefore, in the headphones during use to reduce the number of plug headphones, do not always pull down the headset.In addition, in the preservation process in the headset to avoid acidic, alkaline or wet environment, such an environment will also make plug metal layer destruction, thereby affecting the life of the headset.Two.

Maintenance of earplugs lines and plug connectionsEarbud cord and plug connections is a fragile site on the headset to many headset because of the damage here and not be able to continue to use, Beats Pro  what kind of treatment will make the longer the life of the headset it? The inside of the earbud cord and plug connection at the solder joints, so that the process of pulling headphones if too much force or too large, it is likely to cause the solder off, the headset also scrapped.So, best to use the new headset first earbud cord and plug connections are fixed with a rubber, unplug the headphones should have the right approach, at first hand and hold the plug, and then gently pull out and resolutely put an end to the pulling force is too large or too fast, because that would make the solder joint is easy to fall off,  Beats Solo HD  the headset can not continue to use.

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