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Do Not Resuscitate

Posted Sep 08 2011 6:42am

DNR I had a recent conversation with my dad about someone we know who experienced symptoms that could have suggested that a cerebral haemorrhage (UK spelling) had taken place, and the fact that they hadn't sought immediate medical help.  I would have done. 

My dad said, if it was him and it WAS a c.h., he would have preferred not to have been treated and to just let nature take its course. 

However, it turns out that my dad doesn't have a Living Will in place and he didn't seem particularly concerned about getting one.  Which means that, should the worst happen, I'm just going to have to hope that I can convince people of his wishes.

Someone who isn't leaving anything to chance is 81 year-old, Joy Tomkins, who is so determined not be resuscitated in the event of a medical emergency that she's had the words 'Do Not Resuscitate' tattooed on her chest.  No joke.  Check it out here.

What about you?  D.N.R. or G.E.Y.G. (Gimme Everything You've Got)?  And what lengths would you go to to make sure your wishes were respected?

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