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Do not need to pass as long as the score! The Granville less dream come true he is a dream ten Wade

Posted Jul 16 2012 5:59am
Wei less and Wade compete in the finals of this year a lot of Thunder 1 4 loss to the Heat, but Wei less in a duel with Wade does not strive. Now, Team USA needs to Westbrook to play the role of Wade in the 2008 USA Basketball.

Beijing Olympic Games four years ago, Wade was the U.S. team's sixth man, averaging 15.0 points, becoming the team in scoring. Wade a play, he's scraping and impact will rival create great destruction. However, Wade because of a knee injury, missed this year's London Olympics.

Bryant, Westbrook can become qualified Wade substitute. "He can play the role of Wade, he can ball, slashing to the basket, to defense at any position, Wade for them to have done is bring more of the ball the right, steals and create a lot of easy layup opportunities, I I believe Westbrook in this regard can also be done well, "Bryant praised Wei less.

Bryant Wei less ability to know too much, this year's playoffs, is the Thunder in the Western Conference semifinals, 4 to 1 win over the Lakers, and Westbrook in the game created a great trouble to the Lakers. The fourth battle of the Western Conference semifinals, Wei less scored 37 points. However, the most shocking Bryant Wei less performance in the fourth battle of the Finals, that game, Wei less 20 of 32 shots, free throws, 3 3 and H-43. Although the Thunder lost the game, but the Wei few performance shocked many people. "He was playing crazy," Bryant described the Wei less.

Today in the USA Basketball team, Kobe Bryant and Wei Shaocheng teammates, he looked forward to Wei less like 2008 Wade did, becoming the team's 6th man.

James also believes that Westbrook can replace the role of Wade. Can replace Wade, because he is the type of player, he is a striker, he can determine the other side of the pass line, manufacturing steals, like Wade to do it, "James said.

Lack of Wade, Coach K was hoping someone could assume the role of sixth man, Westbrook has become an important person. Russell (Westbrook) have this potential, he is a very good player, he can give the other party to put pressure on his offensive rebounds very well, he has excellent athletic ability, "Coach K said .

Wei and less follow the USA Basketball to participate in the World Championships in 2010, when he averaged 9.1 points, the team's third leading scorer, which in the final, he contributed 13 points. This year's USA Basketball three point guard, Paul, Deron Williams and Westbrook. Need to focus the organization attack with Paul and Deron less Wei's task is a good offense. "I mean, yes, I will adapt to the role to help the team win," the less Wei, "My task has been identified, that is into the attack mode, which is what I do."
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