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Delphi's bottom line break hands shot-blocking haddon error riddick last-second 3-pointer

Posted Mar 01 2013 6:46am
The Houston rockets have a rest after three days, today will at home against the Milwaukee bucks, this is the second time this season war. The game the rockets to the starting lineup adjustment, nano tower, the mo iron jonas kazlauskas starting to play, the former three ZhanBa bucks 81-80 win the rockets. James haddon 21 Foamposite Air Max Fusion points 6 assists and error, the mill - made 14 points, 15 rebounds, LinShuHao [micro bo] 6 points and five assists, donoghue tower, the mo iron jonas kazlauskas seven points 6 rebounds, 4 assists. Have tower - Ellis and points and nine assists. The first half competition both sides kill into 55 flat, and on the third day after the match began el sen - ealy the rope watt back jumper, bucks game lead for the first time. The rockets offense was almost bucks prevent a 24 seconds attack violation, fortunately have tower - Ellis shot and the iron is hot, donoghue tower, the mo iron jonas kazlauskas took defensive rebound, parsons at this time has been down to the front, the mo iron jonas kazlauskas a long assists parsons easily finish rush back. The first half feel bad Ellis began to find offensive rhythm, 10 points and Nike Foamposite Air Max eight seconds Ellis secondary attack from the road to breakthrough, easily become a layup. Nine 41 seconds is Ellis counterattack joint Jennings pass hit 3-pointers. LinShuHao assists parsons fastbreak dunk, Ellis and ealy the rope tile repeatedly jumper score, bucks a 66-59 lead the rockets.Or in respect of the third three points before forty seconds was bucks played a 11-4 attack wave, McHale sidelined with a genial smile that, quickly call pause to adjust. Suspended after the rockets put on this delfino strengthen offensive firepower, see delfino from the right baseline breakthrough attack the basket, encounter bucks defending, Delphi's in the air to receive an abdomen, a strong tie for hit and bucks have Ellis assists saunders Slam Dunk to counter-attack, the bucks in the score of 68-62 lead the rockets. Critical moment haddon stand out and haddon first on the right side of the 3 point line outside shooting 3-pointers, 6 points, 7 seconds haddon breakthrough points ball Nike Air Foamposite One assists parsons attack the basket inroads. At the same time the rockets continuous success keep bucks attack, four points and seconds with the iron is hot, delfino, in the basket made out of long arm caught offensive rebound, then use the body against the opponent on second-chance points, and at the same time cause Luke - and mulder foul, o made 2 + 1 let the rockets 70-68 to retake the lead.Dunleavy rushes stroke score, John henson the basket storm inroads, bucks and tend to score. Both sides in the present state of seesaw battle, three points 3 seconds in the bucks ready to react, haddon a return will copy the ball away, and then attack the basket cause saunders foul after two free throws. 1 minute fifty seconds Greg Smith the basket storm inroads, then Delphi's bottom line on the right side of shooting 3-pointers, the rockets put the score. Bucks have an redick will return, two team kill into 78 flat. The rockets continuous grabbed offensive rebound, but finally errors, Cheap Air Foamposite One 29 seconds on the right side of the bottom line breakthrough delfino hands after dunk score, but didn't think haddon critical moment errors, riddick buzzer three-pointer hit, the bucks again - 81-80.And Kevin durant [micro bo] the debut of Greg - auden [micro bo], over the years has been praised by injury. The trail blazers in and after the split, now oden, still to return to the NBA [micro bo] and efforts. According to the Real GM "news, however, return to it, oden also did not have too many irons in the fire. According to Greg oden's agent, mike - KangLi [micro bo] until July, said the free agent market, oden will finally decided to take out. Now he consider team, including knight, the celtics and the heat [micro bo]. This that is to say, because of a knee injury from 2009 haven't played ball oden, hope I can for the next season three teams in a effect. In fact, before the trade deadline, it is said that several teams are interested in to oden, including the three branch. And, it is said that the celtics and cavaliers with oden had specific contact and negotiations.
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