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Delegates, electoral college, popular vote...ayay.

Posted Aug 25 2008 2:59pm

As a fairly new American (I'm a transplanted Canadian), I am proud to take part in the election process. However, I'm used to the Canadian system, which is pretty straightforward (at least I think so!) In the Canadian system, you vote for your Member of Parliament. The majority of MPs who are elected then are the leading party. The leader of the leading party becomes the Prime Minister.

So, in my second foray into the election process in the US, I have to admit I've been thoroughly confused. Between the popular vote, the different rules in delegate apportioning between the parties, and the non-requirements of the electoral college delegates I'm in a tizzy. I realize that my vote counts/doesn't count, the delegates pledge or don't pledge their alliances and a heck of a lot of money gets spent in the process. 50% plus 1% of the delegates means what exactly?

Am I missing something here? Is it really a very easy system that my Canadian formed brain cannot get my thoughts around? Help. Puhleeeze. I'm fascinated, can't pull my eyes away from the news coverage, but I think I may need to pursue a PhD in Political Science. I mean...I get it, but I don't GET it.

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