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Damage washed linen tend to two months in order to see it

Posted Mar 06 2013 6:56am
Damage washed linen tend to two months in order to see it, and general performance as faded gray hair and lose their luster. Unfortunately, to make the rooms department and guest satisfaction, to enable them to restore white first step is to join an excessive amount of bleach. Though to do so in all aspects will nod, but the elasticity of the linen will be affected. Loses its elasticity with linen products caused harm, to shorten the product's life, to do so, in fact, did not complete protection of the responsibility of the hotel property. bedding sets
As mentioned above, all companies are talking about, has been on the rise due to the labor costs of employees, personnel costs, and in some countries, labor scarcity was almost impossible to find.
3, since the old methods no longer work, you need to change the work program. Listed below are the laundry department and housekeeping department in a lot of places are also traditional linen goods processing.
4, inventory
Linen inventory should be quarterly inspections, in order to record the history of the following phenomena, and understand its development direction:
● discarded
● unexplained loss
Let's discuss why these two points to emphasize.
According to some items of wear or because it has been torn knowingly remove, turnover is no longer in circulation, and therefore the number of discarded very easy to grasp. Discarded items through observation, analysis discarded reasons, can be found not on the surface factors, such as:
● eye of a needle
● triangular tear mouth
● stains
red comforter By determining a damaged condition, you can find the root causes of breakage.
Unexplained loss showed two things:
● warehousing inventory are not allowed in the number of
● petty theft
Not allowed for inventory, storage, again the amount if the quantity is certainly accurate, then it means that there have been security issues. The inventory is a management tool for the following services:
● To determine if the problem lies in where
● In order to maintain the average dosage level
● for next year's budget
The main purpose of the inventory records is to establish a history file to understand the development trend. The inventory is used to establish the following:
● where, in order to take the appropriate measures to correct the error, solve problems, and to be more profitable;
● to ensure that the average amount of supply is sufficient to avoid guests appeared dissatisfied employees do not have enough tools work morale. Here
5 now turn to the last P, procurement
Procurement fabric has become so complex things like purchasing techniques, the problem is how to get value for money products? In the following example, there will be th problem? more and more detail in
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