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Common Types of Wheelchair Ramps

Posted Nov 25 2009 1:00pm

There are around eight types of wheelchair ramps that provide the rider with all necessary options.   Here are just a few of the more common types of ramps.


The first type of wheelchair ramps is the track wheelchair ramp.  Track wheelchair ramps are designed to line up with the wheels of the wheelchair.   Some use a telescoping design that extends to be used on steps, vans or curbs.   Most wheelchair ramps are made from anodized aluminum.   These wheelchair ramps are designed for both electric and manual wheelchairs.


The next type of wheelchair ramp is the threshold wheelchair ramp.   The threshold wheelchair ramps are designed for indoor and outdoor use.   They allow a wheelchair to move over difficult obstacles such as doorways and other raised areas.   Wheelchair ramps can be installed permanently or be moved from one area to another.   Most wheelchair ramps are made from aluminum.


Modular wheelchair ramps design allows for use on curbs, ramps and deck systems with a design allowing customized permanent or semi-permanent placement.   The units may include platforms,   integral landings, self-contained leveling systems, supports, wheels, flanges, and handrails.   The module wheelchair ramp may be connected by bolts or clamps or fitted together.   Many manufacturers of modular wheelchair ramps offer custom dimensions and will ship all the parts with installation instructions.


The van wheelchair ramps are designed for quick access to the side of the van or back door.  Van wheelchair ramps accommodate scooters and wheelchairs.   The van wheelchair ramp is easy to install and lightweight and manually operated.   Most wheelchair ramps made from high strength aluminum and feature a non-skid driving surface.


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