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commemorative think of this picture of you nike air max 1 for sale smiling in my heart

Posted Dec 25 2012 8:30am
Fireworks bloom, star-like points of light slowly descended, seems to reach out and be able to catch. But when I hand for me sight but not that visible, but intangible, like a dream, to discover.Blossoming bloom of fireworks illuminated the black night sky, red, green, yellow, purple ... a pick one, so I had a quiet heart becomes ups and downs, so I am a little dizzying.Somehow, think of Michael Wong's "Fireworks": think of you embrace this feeling brief Memorial, said between you and me, when they please, and disappear like fireworks, the next second. The brief commemorative think of this picture of you nike air max 1 for sale smiling in my heart, you said forever, to stay in yesterday, when it is, I am the most beautiful memorial ...Yes ah, sometimes around certain people and things like fireworks, instantly disappear, leaving you a person walking alone in the "life" on this road, however, you will like fireworks out of the world of others, disappear . This is more than cruel, this is a must.

Then I remembered it! Snow Essay of people that love the desperate woman, her life is so short, like a fleeting fireworks, but she will never have the best years. So wanton, so beautiful, so, so. I imagine her more like .Unconsciously, I actually feel the eyes of a little bit wet, in front of the sky like a naughty child confused palette blurred ... Who, sixteen-year-old child is always tend to become sad. Who our sadness seems by fireworks, had disappeared without a trace when you cheap nike air max 2013 are not aware of ...Today is Sunday, finally can temporarily give up their heavy schoolbags, quietly sitting on the sofa watching are we Yongchuan East Asia Women's Day to win the race. "Asahi Shimbun" familiar logo appears in front of me, I can not help but front sights precious New Year gift for the New Year's Eve afternoon received three bottles Yin also from Japan.
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