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Choosing the Right Dell Laptop Battery 5010 for Your Laptop

Posted Dec 27 2013 10:38am

If yourDell Laptop Battery 5010has recently died then you will want to find yourself a replacement as soon as possible.Looking for a replacement battery can be very confusing since there are so many different types to choose from. The easiest way to get a new battery is to contact Dell directly and ask for a replacement, but these can cost a lot of money. It's also possible to get a second hand battery, or get a compatible battery, but which is the best idea?


Used Batteries

Searching for a Dell 5010 battery on an online auction site is easy. You will uncover lots of different results of suitable batteries which will work in your machine. This is a very good way to save some money, but not the best way of buying a reliablebattery for Dell 5010. The problem with used batteries is that they won't hold as much charge as a new battery. Instead you are better buying an original or compatible battery. There's no point wasting money on a battery which could be worse than the one that is currently in your laptop.


Original Battery

An original battery can be ordered direct from Dell. This is exactly the same type of battery which was included with your laptop computer when it was brand new. This means that you can be sure your computer will function correctly with the replacement battery. Dell can also help you choose the right battery without having to do any research on suitable battery types.


Compatible Batteries

Compatible Dell 5010 batterycells are available, these are made to the same standards as the original but not made by Dell. This means that although they are new, they are often much cheaper. You should be able to find quite a few of these different compatible batteries on various sites on the internet. There is nothing wrong with using them, as long as you choose a good quality battery which will last for a long time.


Power Adapter

Before you do replace the battery it's a good idea to check the Dell 5010 adapter. This is the charger which connects from the outlet in your home to the laptop. Check that the laptop computer will turn on when power is connected and the battery is removed. If it doesn't then you should consider getting yourself a replacementDell adapterat the same time.


If you want to make your battery last for as long as possible, always charge and run down the Dell 5010 battery. If you are running on mains power for a long time then consider disconnecting the battery to make it last longer.

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