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Cheap Beats By Dre sall dani and sumption, and help them to switch Kate's nurse

Posted Dec 11 2012 8:49am

Last week, Australian radio host MEL Craig and Michael Christian pretend to be the queen and prince Charles and princess to Kate at king Edward vii hospital make a phone call. Clerk Cheap Beats By Dre  sall dani and sumption, and help them to switch Kate's nurse, lead to Kate pregnancy news leaked. "Prank call" 72 hours later, the nurse sall dani and was found dead in the home, the police has not announced the cause of death, but sal dani and family thought she was ashamed and suicide.

10, outlet wave in the two Australian host on TV a public apology, crying confession way "shattered dreams". It is reported that two people so things have received death threats, even once concealed.

Egypt and issued by the government, according to the official Moore west has ordered the military to assist in the referendum before maintain order and protect the government facilities, and to authorize military in order to safeguard the safety arrested civilians. Under normal circumstances, only the police have the authority to arrest civilians. According to Egypt the pyramid news that the government decree by the cabinet approval, command "armed forces and police coordinate maintenance (social) cheap dre beats security and the protection of key facilities".

Some analysts interpretation, Moore west to regain the controversial move, show the President and government attaches great importance to 15 constitutional referendum, and at the same time, because the referendum face intense opposition and uneasiness.

Witnesses say, some soldiers and tanks deployment at the presidential palace, around 9, did not interfere with the activities of the demonstrators against the President. The armed forces and a F - 16 type warplanes swooped past downtown Cairo on once. Middle East news agency says, aircraft fly low to practice how to deal with "hostile air strikes and make sure the important government facilities, security".

Observers believe that the military is involved in crisis and intervention methods will become the key problem, its position may be about to Egypt political situation. The military 8 called on all parties to conversational mode reached an agreement, seems reluctant to "choose side stand in line".

Moore west eight day and part of the opposition on behalf of the dialogue, dialogue, Egypt before the start of the military issued a statement stressed that dialogue is agreed, the maintenance of the interests of the state and the people only best way. cheap dr dre beats This is the west's August military commanders will change since the first military voice.

In June this year, at that time grasp the political power the military commission once issued similar decrees, authorizing military police and military intelligence officer in order to maintain social stability and in the political transition period arrested by many civilians, legal professionals criticism. Some people have called upon Moore west will cancel the decrees as President after the first term decision.

The main opposition alliance organization salvation front 9, 11 calls on people in the capital Cairo to participate in mass demonstrations to protest against a constitutional referendum.

Moore west 8, abolition of midnight last cheap beats month triggered controversy and demonstration of the constitution statement, a new constitution statement, but not for the delayed 15, in accordance with the constitution draft referendum, incur more opposition groups dissatisfaction.

The opposition identify constitutional commission become Muslim brotherhood and alliance group "YiYanTang". Salvation front spokesman samarra Hector · assur think that, in the current circumstances, as scheduled referendum not appropriate, and says it does not admit that the constitution draft, because it does not represent public interests of Egypt.

MuXiong will also intend to Cairo demonstrations, support the President and referendum. Many people worry the protesters again violence. Moore west November statement caused the support and opposition many conflicts. Cairo near the presidential palace on the evening of December 5 the outbreak of the conflict, at least 6 people were killed and more than 700 injured.

Washington near east policy institute analyst Eric trager said: "MuXiong will decide it can gain the majority of the public support, win the constitutional referendum." But, if the referendum draft constitution get through, could be "let countries in lasting peace".

People in the west Moore in Egypt there are still not low approval ratings, at the same time, MuXiong will in a previous parliamentary and presidential elections have outstanding mobilization ability.

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