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Cheap Beats By Dre and "motor vehicle registration regulations on January 1

Posted Dec 13 2012 8:00am

Jim hall, a reporter from the ministry of public security held 12 national police system of video conference, to ensure that the revised "motor vehicle driving license application and rules" Cheap Beats By Dre and "motor vehicle registration regulations on January 1, implementation of the ministry of public security to deploy all well test site construction, business training in rotation, traffic signal machines work, etc.

According to the ministry of public security deployment, each district public security traffic departments should take the test site construction, January 1, according to the new standard unified national examination. In conjunction with transportation department to strengthen the supervision of the cheap dre beats st, ensure training and test the work is smooth cohesion. To comprehensively improve the driver examination, approval, scoring, education and school bus plate management system and work flow. We need to work quickly to implement policing public, in the vehicle administration office, illegal processing window, service site, security mechanism and other places new rules issued by content. To concentrate on business training in rotation, to ensure that every policemen and working personnel to correctly understand and grasp skilled, strict implementation of the related provisions.

The ministry of public security requirements, each district and implement the new regulations, the traffic illegal activities, in accordance with the gauge punishments according to law, and resolutely put an end to score with a fine alternative scoring or other illegal punishment law enforcement varies kinds, the amplitude of the practice. Traffic to the traffic signal device, use the problems, to  ensure that rectification in place before the end of the year. To further improve the road traffic illegal behavior handling complaints and relief mechanism, the red light to the crowds, overspeed and other transportation technology monitoring equipment record traffic illegal information, in accordance with the provisions of the case shall be eliminated; Does not conform to, and to do interpretation work.

The ministry of public security relevant controller introduces, each district is to carry out the preparatory work, so far, has complete reconstruction of large and medium-sized van subject two examination room 111, small cars examination room 751, 519000 pairs of traffic lights, traffic held more than 480 phase of the project, training more than 80000 people, and issued more than 3000 a mobile phone short message, and widely publicized told internship, scoring, approval education and degradation system.

In October this year, the ministry of public security announced the revised "motor vehicle driving license application and rules" and "motor vehicle registration regulations. The former significantly strengthened of large and medium-sized van driver and novice driver management, improve the red light, shade, such as cheap beats number of traffic violations of the punishment. The latter is mainly made clear the public security traffic department in the school bus licensing conditions review and issue the school bus plate and the school bus driver qualification licensing business procedures and requirements.

China promulgated by the ministry of land and resources and the 2011 year China land change survey data show that by the end of last year, China's arable land of 1.82476 billion mu, 490000 mu, keep a net decline in 1.8 billion acres of "red line" above.

According to introducing, this is since 2009, China's arable land for three years up to 1.824 billion mu above. Analysts believe that this means "1025" (2011-2015) the final of 1.818 billion mu of arable land is expected to reach the goal.

In recent years, with the rapid development of urbanization, China's arable land area showed a trend of decline. In view of the serious situation of cultivated land protection, 2008, China's official put forward, to adhere to the Cheap Beats By Dre  strictest arable land protection system, firmly hold 1.8 billion hectares of arable land red line. The expert inside course of study thinks, because China's population peak has not yet come, total grain demand still shows ascendant trend, to ensure national food security, the need to maintain a certain amount of cultivated land.

The land department, according to figures released in 2011, China's arable land decrease of 5.327 million mu, of which 4.85 million mu of cultivated land occupied construction, disaster destroyed cultivated land 335000 mu, 142000 mu ecological restoration; The increase of 4.837 million mu of cultivated land, increase or decrease offsetting, cultivated land area of 490000 mu net decline.

At the same time, in 2011, China construction land a net increase of 9.451 million mu, of which 8.353 million mu, approved in accordance with the first batch, not built 1.725 million mu, 627000 mu of land into other reduce.

In 2011, the national did not use the land for development of agricultural land 2.619 million mu, 1.909 million mu construction use.

The ministry of land and resources relevant personage says, although China is faced with severe situation of cultivated land, but the current protection efforts continue to strengthen, is mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

One is to implement the dynamic balance of cultivated land system, carry out the construction of 2011 year China occupied 4.85 million hectares of arable land of dynamic balance; The second is promoting the rural land improvement, 2011 annual inspection record and report to the department of new cultivated land 5.3 million mu, through the change of cultivated land survey confirmation added 4.744 million mu; Three strict examination and approval of land used for construction purposes, the submitted to the state council for examination and approval of the construction land 66000 mu of cultivated land and subtract; 4 it is through the agricultural structure adjustment to bring more land under cultivation, the net increase of 93000 mu of cultivated land.

Although China's current land supply and demand contradictions are still outstanding, especially in the "steady growth", the requirements of all common increased investment and construction of dynamics, corresponding to expand the land demand, but land department said that in cleaning "batch and unused land" illegal land in urban and rural areas in China, the land use remains to be mining space.

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