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Cheap beats bluetooth equipment

Posted Apr 01 2012 3:01am
You are the kitchen high-speed operation of the game when fighting can continue, want to do? You are, you and everywhere, the biggest purchase would you step into the

same seat for around worry? Now, the wireless headset in order to achieve the best ー time!

Now the market today, wireless microphone speaker, wireless, wireless phone, group and so on the latest wireless devices-ー wireless headset. Many bluetooth headset

and sometimes can't connect. This is the headset coding state display, telephone headset can't find. Or cell phone headset can be found, the password is invalid. New

bluetooth headset chip program of the active, so no, this basically is completely or connect the headset memory number.

Note the following points, please

A. in normal circumstances, about 10 seconds of matching model bluetooth headset, single power button, the headset is "open" "closed", the matchmaking input methods,

headset indicator (long) performance. Then, the mobile phone bluetooth headset search, you can find.

Two. Some headphones when you ship factory set up, SONY Ericsson · HBH-602 HBH608HBH610A, and nokia HS-36 W, more complex. HBH-602 is coded, headphones in order to

open, then the "+" first have to press-" this time, the index of the succession of the red and green flash, part 10 seconds, so bluetooth equipment in order to search

for a telephone can use can HS is 36 W, headphones.-open about 10 seconds, the power button and the "+" continue, and other steps in the headset, usually, as well.

3. On a headset pairing mode of words, telephone, bluetooth equipment search. General 5 seconds or so, telephone headset detection. Then, the use of mobile phones

bluetooth headset, select phone password input seek prompt be said. Telephone password 12340000 or. , especially different manufacturer, the individual also be set.

The details, use your instructions.

4. Telephone headset detection and the correct password input necessary, this one is the call response bluetooth headset can use mean? Right now the mobile phone,

bluetooth headset equipment need to be connected. The use of mobile phone headset, set of connection. If you make a phone call, still can't answer. This, of course,

such as MOTOROLA V3 part of the cell phone is very clever, as long as the pairing a success, mobile phone headset connect the headset connected, do not need.

This method is, almost all of the bluetooth headset suitable.

That nokia 3 W / 21 W, almost all of the headset manufacturers of unified method of operation, with 15 seconds, at the same time, the power switch and volume +

"button. Have bluetooth equipment use notice

A. prepaid phone: what brand of charging A bluetooth device, the biggest time hours. Usually is that your headphones to change color, or index closed power cut of

three. Products for a long time carries the charging the cause of injury. Two. Objective: the same side of the body, more simple cell phone headset signal receiving,

to great phones and headphones, I think.
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