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Chanel Price Increase 2012

Posted Jul 30 2013 3:52am

The last thing I got chanel bag from him is a real piece of art, a mirror made of a silicium-carbide-based ceramic that is more expensive than gold. For Quai Voltaire, he made two three-meter-long tables—one for writing, one for sketching—in white Corian with metal stripes. They face each other in the over-20-meter-long space that I made from three rooms. What else is in this vast room?There is also a huge sofa by Amanda Levete and two of the most beautiful coffee tables I’ve seen in years, from Established & Sons, the British-based design company that Stella McCartney’s clever husband, Alasdhair Willis, heads. He does expensive limited editions like Kreo but also cheaper versions. Chanel Classic Wallet One version of Amanda’s sofa costs £80,000, the other £10,000, and they are both beautiful. And I have chairs by the English designer Tom Dixon, two sofas by the French designer Jean-Marie Massaud and my favorite statue, Serenity, by Elie Nadelman. What is the appeal of all these pieces?We live in a period of revivals—post Bauhaus, post ’70s, post ’60s, post whatever. What I like about the things I’ve bought from Kreo is that they have a voice only from now. The art that I think is genius is Conceptual art, Land art. My favorite artist is James Turrell, and that’s not for the living room. So you enjoy contemporary art, too?I love it, but not at home. At home I want only books. Chanel Coin Purse Not even photography. You’re not going to put any of your Versailles photos on your walls here in Paris?There are no walls, just glass walls, glass windows, glass doors. It’s a glass box. You push one button and 50 doors—25 on each side—open at the same time and you have the library. On one side there are reading books, on the other side art books. It is like a flawless spaceship flying over Paris, because at the end you have these big windows with a view of the Seine, the boats and the Louvre.? It’s a very strange feeling, like life is short and the day is nothing because it is so enchanting. You get dressed and undressed and the day is over.

You are famous for your love of books.Art is something you feel. You don’t have to own it. But I’m a slave to my books. I’m not a bibliophile. It’s the inside that is interesting to me Chanel Purse Forum. Where do you keep them all?At my apartment and elsewhere. I have a huge photography studio next door [on the Rue de Lille] with a bookshop in the front part [stocked with beautiful books on art, fashion, design, decoration, photography and gardens plus a selection of international art magazines] that is doing very well. In fact, I have three houses—I mean, I have three houses right there [around the Quai Voltaire] and other houses elsewhere. I turned a nine-room apartment into a huge suite only for me, with a kitchen to warm up things that people can bring when I call. I have no servants in there when I’m home. Nobody. I want to be alone, like Garbo. My studio next door is a huge place, and there is an apartment over there for guests. My library there has almost 60,000 books. When I leave my apartment where I stay for the night, I have a town house for lunch and guests and books next door Chanel Gst. All these places are three minutes from one another. A town house for lunch—I like that.I’m a guest in my own house. I hate the smell of cooking. And in this little town house, you know what I am doing with the decor? It’s called the French house because I am mixing 18th-century furniture with French Art Deco by Louis Süe and André Mare. You would never give up the 18th century completely, would you? No, it lives in me, but I don’t have to live in it. In New York, you are living in the 21st-century design of John Pawson, who did the interiors of the Gramercy Park building. Architecture is also very important to you.Today, modern art and architecture—what is the difference? Architecture is conceptual art, in a way. The drama of contemporary art is that it errs on the side of too much pretentious thinking, too much talking, not enough action.? People like Turrell don’t explain. You just get the message.You had a collaborative hand in the architecture of the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion, Zaha Hadid’s glamorous space-age gallery, whose gentle sweep of gleaming white arched panels is an abstract evocation of the iconic chanel gst bag handbag.Zaha did more than I did. And yes, it is the best object of the show, like a walk-in Brancusi. Zaha has destroyed the dryness of the post-Bauhaus aura that covered the world, all those ugly buildings and airports that came after the genius of the original movement. What have you liked about the artists in the show so far?The Japanese artist Tabaimo, who made a huge well [rimmed in black quilted leather and inhabited by video images of fantastical swamp life], is my favorite. I like Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree [covered in red blossoms to which visitors are invited to attach white strips on which they’ve written their own wishes]. It’s like decoration, with an unpretentious lightness. But I thought there were too many objects for the space. It will be different in chanel price list New York. Another spring, another love—even if it’s fall. Life is about change, and art is about change, too.

“The range is ethical and it's about trying to combine the ideas of style and conscience. For me it's been brilliant being a part of something whereby I wasn't directed and I wasn't a commodity, because it's very much something that I'm going to have to build and work really hard on myself.”In between her many side projects, she still finds time to walk the runways. Models starting out today have notoriously short careers, but at 33 she remains in demand among designers, particularly those who exhibit at Couture Week in Paris. The drama of the catwalk is one of her favourite elements chanel 2.55 price 2012 of the job.“With high fashion, it's a performance,” she says excitedly, striking a dramatic pose to illustrate her point. “You're trying to interpret a fantasy in a very physical way and you really are playing a character. I've played men, dead people, famous people, historical icons, and it's no mean feat. It's quite an insular experience even though the crowd is in front of you and there's an expectation. With Marks & Spencer, my job initially felt quite a lot harder because I was playing myself. And I've never actually done that because being a model I was able to hold back quite a lot of myself. There was this feeling of self-preservation which was incredibly important. So smiling in front of a camera and being on the telly…”She trails off with a shrug that suggests that this very different type of exposure is more unnerving than any couture show. However, her Chanel Price Increase 2012 gig did have the advantage of helping to explain to her family and friends back home what her job actually entails. Her mother, a nursery teacher and father, a foundry worker had always been supportive of her career, but many of the arty European magazines she has been featured in didn't appear on the shelves of the newsagents in Walsall.With the M&S campaign, suddenly she was getting proud texts from her mother saying she'd seen her daughter on a billboard, and her father even went into his local branch of the store to ask if he could get one of the posters from the window once they'd finished with it. “He said they looked at him like he was a dirty old pervert!” she says with her trademark squeal of laughter. “But he got it. I think I've gone a bit floppy hanging up in the garage.”Her father had always told her she was beautiful, but she'd never believed him, and even when a model scout echoed his words she refused to accept it. But today, as one of the most successful models on the planet and a spokeswoman for her industry, O'Connor's finally come to recognise her beauty, to be comfortable being judged by it, and to embrace it. 

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