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Caution Advised: Your Bones are at Risk

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:43pm
Have you ever attempted to quickly stand up from the couch, after watching your favorite program/sporting event, and felt so lightheaded you had to sit back down or hold on to an object to break your fall? This phenomenon is caused by low blood pressure (hypotension); i.e. orthostatic hypotension. A number of medications can cause this to occur more frequently than desired. This is known as an adverse drug reaction which is considered a medication-related problem.
Now, imagine this were to happen in the middle of the night because you cannot get to sleep. You may not be able to find an object to grab on to or may miss your bed. This scenario may lead to a fall or worse, a fracture. It is predicated that 1/3 of the ageing population will suffer a fall this year.
Certain medications, such as, carvedilol and fluoxetine may cause insomnia and orthostatic hypotension increasing the risk of a fall and ultimately a fracture.
If you or a loved one are taking one of these medications here are some tips to protect your/their bones.
· Try to take these medications as early in the day as possible to decrease the chance of insomnia.
· Sit up for about 10 seconds before attempting to stand up after lying down for a period of time.
· Use a nightlight so you can see your bed or objects which may help you catch your fall.
· Speak to your doctor about taking calcium + vitamin D to strengthen your bones.
Keep your bones happy!
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