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Can you cough up a mucous plug from the lung

Posted by mj999

My husband was diagnosed with a mucous plug in the lung. He has an appt with a lung specialist, but in the mean time they prescribed him an antibiotic, and an exporant cough syrup.  Is is possible that with these medications you can cough up a mucous plug from the lung?
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I have had a tracheostomy for 14 years and battle mucus plugs regularly. Antibiotics will only clear up infection. They will not dissolve the mucus plug. I use a nebulizer and use Albuterol mixed with Mucomyst (50/50 mixture). Mucomyst dissolves the Plug(s). If you do not have of this or can not get mucomyst (albuerol wont do the trick by its self), then go to the ER and request a breathing treatment with mucomyst. At the very least seal up the room where he sleeps and use a WARM mist humidifer. Also Breathing out until you can not make a sound followed by Inhaling to the max and holding it for 3 seconds will help cough up small plugs.
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