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Can we take supplements to offset the effects of aging?

Posted Oct 28 2009 2:50pm

There is a huge market working out there directed towards folks who are older than 45, and it is commonly called the "anti-aging phenom".  Mega bucks are being tossed at this market while aging seniors buy products to stop or alter the natural process of aging and the problems it brings.

One fact I like is that millions of seniors are healthy and active, which generally is the best way to offset those aging things. Exercise always works wonders in any situation, including diets. Beyond that though, is there merit in taking products that claim to slow or reverse the aging process?

As always, there are 2 schools of thought: 

One says heck no, don't take any anti-aging stuff because there is nothing we can do about it. Aging is just the natural process and stop trying to change it.

On the other hand thee are people like SuzanneSomers who seem to be living proof that new leading edge science is getting a handle on aging. Her book called " BREAKTHROUGH" seems to demonstrate this fact rather well.

I guess there is another 3rd position that says "if you believe in a thing, it will benefit you to do it" which applies to herbal supplements and HGH Releasers and so forth. They usually cannot hurt you, but you should always consult with your doctor before taking them. Usually your faith will assist in making it work. Faith is the strongest of human qualities, and can move figurative mountains in many cases.

What we cannot do is mislead folks who have serious illnesses that simply taking this supplement or that supplement will cure the problem. Leading a senior down that road must be a sin, in my opinion. However if a person is aging but in good health, anti-aging skin care and anti-aging supplements and seltzers should usually not do any harm (along with doctor consultation).

Exercise is the biggest factor in most people's lives that can benefit them in a positive way. Combine exercise and faith, good diet and some supplements might be the best solution to aging difficulties.

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