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Can Nexus 7 become a powerful competitor to Kindle Fire

Posted Jul 09 2012 10:34am

San Francisco local time the morning of June 27, 2012, Google released the long rumored Google's first tablet Nexus 7 at the Moscone Center Convention Center. This tablet has not been published, which is considered to be rival tablet for the Amazon Kindle Fire, are you sure will become a powerful competitor to Kindle Fire?

Nexus7 built-in quad-core, carrying Android operating system 4.1 Jelly Bean, 1GB RAM, 1.2 million megapixel front-facing camera and 1280x800 resolution; look at Kindle Fire, Android 2.3.3, 512MB RAM, the resolution is 1280x600, is not equipped with a front-facing camera. Difference in price is $199.

If the comparison and prices slip from the hardware, Nexus 7 seems to end/losing Kindle Fir. Then, in the face of higher than the Kindle Fir configure Nexus 7, consumers will pay you? This is the most important.

Reason for consumers to buy Kindle Fire

Nexus7 put Kindle Fire as its competitor, it must beat Kindle Fire. We look at the user why buy Kindle Fire.

In the Kindle Fire He Xi has said: Amazon new content article of trafficking in weapons introduced Kindle Fire2. "Amazon 2007 paper launched the Kindle book reader. But this product really caused a tremendous impact on market, it is at the beginning of 2009 after its second generation Kindle 2 was released. Simple and convenient user experience is the core value of Kindle 2 products that is available to users. In 60 seconds, users can start reading a book would be allowed, this is the focus of Kindle 2, is also attracting a large number of users important reasons to purchase this product. When readers on TV or other media, when you see a new book describes, be both read impulses. Kindle 2 provides convenient buying books and wireless book downloads, designed to minimize this impulse to translate into actual purchase threshold. What is more, Apple iphone5 is coming, more and more iphone fans are looking forward to it, even some fans have bought iphone accessories in best case mall, such as leather iphone cases, bling iphone cases, cool iphone cases and so on.

According to statistics, the quantity of each Kindle users buy books, is 2.7 times of their purchases before the Kindle. According to United States technology blog TechCrunch reported, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Kindle Fire conference revealed an important data, that Kindle store eBook quantity exceeded 1 million in just four years. Bezos said that four years ago at the launch of Kindle, "Amazon has only 90,000 copies of books, now this number has exceeded 1 million, this does not include copyright-free e-book sales." In 2008, Christmas day, Amazon digital sales exceeded for the first time in the history of the book in paperback. ”。

From here we can see, users buy Kindle Fire, which is required due to reading (content consumption), and the consumer behavior is based on rich content platform in the Amazon.

Give users a reason to purchase Nexus7

Is hardware? To be honest, Nexus 7 configuration is good, but He Xi is not optimistic about the 7-inch tablet, including Kindle Fire as well. This size is rather than smart phone easy to carry, but also as iPad looks good. Now, Amazon recognized this dimension is not the best platform size. According to foreign media BGR reports that Amazon launches Kindle Fire the new version will contain two versions of--7 inch and 10.1-inch versions. 7-inch version will be named Coyote, dual-core processor inside; named Hollywood version 10.1-inch, built-in quad-core processors. 10.1-inch version will be published first.

Content? So far, Google has not been won in their content and media consumption consumers widely recognized. On March 7 this year Google officially announced the launch of Google Play, makes Android Market, Google Music, Google Books will become part of Google Play. It seems that Google is already laying out. But Google Play and the Android Market is no different, Google Play only to change how the Android platform provides content to enable more renders the content in the app store.

But Nexus 7, Google Play could not solve its content sources. Google currently Play in shops, for Android tablets dedicated application or rarely, many applications simply transplanted from Android smartphones.

Conclusion He Xi believed that if just Nexus 7 wants to by virtue of higher hardware and low price lets users pocket, this will not be too great. Nexus 7 does not pose a threat to Kindle Fire. Unless Google can provide enough rich Tablet applications, otherwise the user to buy Nexus 7 on a large-screen Smartphone, but not as good as Smartphones.

Although Amazon currently is phone manufacturing industry of new, but from flat manufacturing area, Amazon received cargo quite feng, phone and flat of concept many local are is common of, Amazon in Kindle series flat of manufacturing process in the has accumulation has quite of experience, like Kindle series of UI, these are can followed to phone and service--own of software shop Amazon App Store, which also has digital music and digital film sales service, on phone manufacturer, These are very valuable assets.

Why several of the above conditions that are a very valuable asset for handset makers do? There are two reasons. First, consumers tend to easier access to goods, so this means that most of the Amazon mobile phone users will be using Amazon's service, purchases the commodity it provides.

Second, Amazon makes money from these services, unlike the other pay services of mobile phone manufacturers, such as Nokia's OVi store, since the opening, has been deserted, and now remains in a dead State. But Amazon itself is doing the digital store, plus the Kindle series service before sales practice, which has developed a practice, an eco-mode. So, not only can make money by selling mobile phones, Amazon can also make money by selling services.

In this mode of operation, typical of Apple a success, proved that can seize the user mode and relative to rely solely on making money selling hardware to mobile phone manufacturers, this model more competitive.

Due to these services, early results of a questionnaire survey show that relative to the Facebook phone, consumers expect Amazon's mobile phone.

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