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can darvocet cause memory problems

Posted by gen.nut

I found out I was having memory problems due to taking ambien and possibly valium.  I recovered 90% of my short term memory when I stopped taking these drugs.  Now the memory problems seem to be coming back.  I take darvocet, Zucor, thryroid, baby asperin, premerin and provera.  Could any of these be affecting my short-term memory.  On a memory test where they ask you to remember 15 words, I can only remember 4 and I suspect it is from medication.

 I have been off ambien for 2 monhs -- before going off that drug I almost lost my job as a bookkeeper because of the mistakes I was making without realizing I was making them.  I was switching numbers, substituting words that were like the one I was trying to use, but not the actual word.  As I said, when I went off ambien, 90% of my memory problems disappeared.


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 It is very difficult to answer your question as I do not know you nor am I a physician - I am one, though, who has concerns about the amounts of medications that seniors and aging persons are prescribed.

Plese read the following: and then have a very serious talk with your medical provider or a more disinterested medical provider for a 2nd or even 3rd opinion about what you are taking.

Medicine mixtures are often not good and you need a real time in person answer to your question.



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