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Posted Oct 20 2012 3:05am
Father face other to the side, staring at the small toe led, flushing of the face, mouth issued some throatThroat Chi Chi sound. 'Paoding, "big leaders said, Sparkle Uggs You want to closely guard the pass, do not add water to the meat. "Father finally uttered one sentence: "We guarantee that ..."Leadership and leadership have walked into the venue in the old blue led, father relieved pushed aside,Looked at the leaders who walked over from his side.On my father can not Bolster feel a deep sense of inferiority. I really want to rush forward, grabbed him around the neck thatRoot purple tie, hard to shake, shake awake him from the ignorant state, do not like stupid, like standing on the roadEdge daze. Watch the people with the leadership of our team, pouring in the door of the meat processing. Father or asStand by the roadside, his face silly phase. I finally could not help, on the go, in order to spare his face, I did not kick him.Tie, pushing his waist and whispered: "Dad, you do not stand here! Your old blue standingSorry! Ask the leader of the circumstances! 'Davis said sheepishly: "old blue one on the line ..."My father's thigh mercilessly Ningliao Yi, whispered: "Dad, you really let me down!""Dad, you're stupid!" The sister said."Ah!" I said.You kids, "his father looked down at us and said," you do not understand the mind of the father...... Well, father to fight it, the father in the past. 'The father seems under the tremendous determination strode walked to the venue. I saw, standing on one side of the gateYao, hands holding the arm against the father nodded meaningfully.The General Assembly has finally started. Old blue loudly announced the beginning of the meeting, the father ran to the ditch in front of the quarantine stationWhere, personally lit a torch, and lifted up, waved in front of the venue direction. A group of reporters ChungLens at the torch in the hands of his father. Nobody interviewed the father, but the father said: "We will not go Uggs On Clearance meat NoteWater, I promise. 'Then he put Flanagan burning torches to throw in the bad meat that exudes the odor and gasoline ignorant.
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