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Posted Nov 27 2012 9:16am

In late autumn, a Thursday afternoon, sunny, our school held the autumn interest track meet.
Advanced done is opening ceremony,  cheap jordans for sale President wei speeches, read li, director of sports and competition rules.

The first game is playing the senior group, men and women born mixed relays, per shift by 15 people attended, including 10 boys and five girls. Look, 5 (1) class and we five (2) class of the race began. Although five (1) class of students is not high, but ran up and our class tall neck and neck. Athletes arrow streak on the playground, cheerleaders classmates more excited, they all happen to coincide the stand up straight body, and use of the whole body strength to beat, loud to give oneself class athletes refueling. See our class was behind, buy jordans online  thanks to scud LuoKun pressure tail, an arrows step spurt in the past, ah! This step, we won. Suddenly the playground cheering ring into one.
In the next tug of war, our classmates at one fling, and won five (1) class, we are pleased to around the teacher in charge teacher danced, laughing...
While the students also calm in the first name of excitement, the language group and young teachers and students mixed ball relay started again. The students flocked to the playground. Daily serious teacher in the game full of vim and vigour, neck and neck. Referee took two potted flower from the starting point in 20 meters place, bring two goals, respectively to Chinese group l and the first teacher. The race began, the teacher bent the waist, with the ball  photo blue 9s run forward, the ball like naughty children of their scampering about, but how also channeling a teacher dexterous hands. Word game on both sides of the cheerleaders students, happy smile, hopping is still in force for the teacher shouted refuels. Chinese group and young teachers and students mixed ball end of the relay race, the result of mathematics teachers and students have won a victory.
On the west side of the game, and the teacher's tug of war is very wonderful. Tug of war began, the teachers a gathered the strength, Jordan 4 bred For Sale  bend over backwards to the rope to their side pull, finally language group teacher victory.
School sports meeting began, the contest in busily underway, of which four hundred meters race is the most striking project.
Before the game, the players were at the starting line limber, some in the leg pressing, some in the swing arm, some in practice start...
With the starting gun "bang" sound, the athletes like cheetah similar rushed jordan 11 for sale  out of the starting line. Watch the classmates have stood up, waving flags, desperately shout: "come on! Come on!" Deafening shouts waves surging. The players chase each other, each one has laid out to eat milk strength to terminal impact, they for a while before you, for a while I front, neck and neck, and nerves. See this scene, the audience is burning, anxious, yell more rang, all shout face flushed with anger, throat all quick dumb.
In the end I class ZhangYin  Johnny Kilroy 9s students won the first place, her smiling back to the class, the classmates all thumbs up repeatedly kua her: "you are great! You are great!"

On the south side of the game, and the teacher's table tennis game started, although usually teachers do not play table tennis, have never thought, teachers playing table tennis to orderly, watching us dazzling. The north field, the lower grade funny games is also wonderful, from time to time burst burst of applause.
The sun was setting fast, our interest games ended successfully. The  classmates to leave the court, looking forward to the next games held.
After a storm comes a calm, white clouds float over the sky. Today, we drum tower third center primary school in fuzhou held the second school games.
Two of the playground is a real monster. The front is the runway, and the middle is football and basketball stands, table tennis table, etc.
The opening of the games. First grade five or six years of the head on the relay race. At this time, hears "bang" bang, the starting gun, the players run like a an arrows toward the finish rushed to. "Come on", "come on" the sound a than a big, a sound than a sound.
The next is one to four grade relay race. Their performance and five or six years level as well as students, they are like only flexible fawn on the playground olive 9 2012  show himself.
We two in class one grade rope skipping is best, the classmates rope control very well, after making great effort in, they also take good result.
Five or six years level rope skipping although no relay race so wonderful, but the players are also all efforts, all confidence, they also achieved good results.
The playground, the students also carried out various other games, nervous have happy. The ten or so, events all over.
Today's games is very wonderful!

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