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but very national mens nike free 5.0 consciousness and cohesion

Posted Feb 02 2013 6:25am
Japanese authorities pre-emptive, to proclaim sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands. Until the fortieth anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations today, the Japanese government repeatedly to take unilateral action on the Diaoyu Islands, continue to protest the Chinese government, a strong attitude, so that the relations between the two countries reached an impasse.Sino-Japanese dispute over the Diaoyu Islands essence of the interests of the two governments dispute, and the victory of the dispute depends on its own strength. Subjective cheap nike free 3.0 sense, this also makes the struggle to defend the territory of the motherland, and the victory of the struggle depends on the cohesion of the nation and the people trust the government.

Today many domestic outbreak of anti-Japanese (or patriotism) procession, or even a series of irrational harm the country acts. First of all, I give them a positive assessment: disputes before, I often see the news of foreign peoples through the procession and various means to protect their own interests, such as Japan and the United States anti-nuclear marches and anti-war demonstrations. The other hand, our country, people are always busy to run around with all the money, do not care about politics, struggle dare to safeguard their own interests. I found that our nationals is not like I imagined as stupid, but very national mens nike free 5.0 consciousness and cohesion. I can not help think of the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal movement of the 1920s, their patriotic enthusiasm shocked feudal imperialists to promote the process of China's nearly modernization, leading the Chinese people to the republic, and the positive role can not be ignored .
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