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But in the xiao li, mbt shoes sale etc, it seems, if not re-run interview, as they prepared for

Posted Dec 10 2012 8:53am

In 2012, hunan province, which yao autonomous county health system, the author institution open recruitment exam has been in the past three months, from the objective questions of "interview" controversial, cause the exam admission work on the back burner temporarily. (see our November and days to report the author institutions recruitment "agile interview" the wind ") on December 5, in the afternoon, YongZhou municipal party committee organization department related staff to the China youth daily reporter said: "in your reports out of the provincial party committee organization department on the same day, begin to enter the investigation. At the time of before, many students are still in pain, and so on.

"We hope that we can to hold a fair interview." In order to make myself a few months of hard to pay to return, candidates xiao li has repeatedly when facing the author county government and county people club bureau, health bureau to reflect the exam questions.

Xiao li told reporters that she resigned his job in May this year, all of the end of August to the exam, they have yet to find other work. This time, xiao li enter oneself for an examination the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine professional post plan ZhaoLu mbt shoes 49 people, her written ranked in the 21st name, but the interview result after recruitment organization party "PanFen error correction", from 90 points a decline by the points, she places far be threw back.

Candidates xiao wu put forward: "since has admitted that is proposition is not standard, why they don't need to take responsibility, and that the consequences of a mistake but candidates to take, the reasonable?"

The author county health system business unit recruitment on August 25th, a written test, on September 15,, held an interview published on the interview results, on September 17 morning release error correction instructions correction result. From September 17 afternoon start, students have to county, the author which mbt shoes clearance related departments questioned.

Last week, the author county people club bureau related personnel when accepting a reporter to interview said: "it on the back burner temporarily, (hunan) provincial party committee organization department is investigating, the test result there is no conclusion."

Reporters from the county party committee organization department, the author understands, the county party committee secretary, the author LuoJianHua instructions to look into the matter, the relevant approval has been transferred to JiJianWei, organization department and other departments.

"A long time ago that is investigating, to now do not have a result." Xiao li to admit by examination organization party response was not optimistic, "these two days I also call people club bureau, they said it will be notice, ask how long does it wait for, the phone hang up!

The reporter understands, the recruitment of "PanFen error correction" also affected item not controversial another seven professional post admission work. Candidates for chamberlain is professional or post, or professional interview answer has not been modified, but the test since the dispute on the back burner temporarily not announced admission results.

"According to test scores ranking, I will be admitted, but now the examination result has not announced." Zhang said. She also is to take an exam resigned from the original work.

Not long ago, zhang heard there are rumours that may be reorganized the exam, "retake words will waste a lot of time. I'm not the author county native, in order to take an exam I will take the train drive in the past, and prepare for the exam and takes time." In her opinion, to have a interview, will increase the exam organization party funds burden, but also the consumption of time and energy.

But in the xiao li, mbt shoes sale etc, it seems, if not re-run interview, as they prepared for the exam last months of the fair. "I hope county survey results will get out." Interns LangShuJing our reporter to Yang

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