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Boomers on the March at DNC, But Many Fewer Than Expected

Posted Sep 12 2008 1:37pm

Are you of the generation that took to the streets in the '60s or '70s? Or did you wish you had had the motivation to do so? Of course, people had more reason to march back then when we had the draft in the US...Now, the Iraq war mainly affects soldiers and their families, albeit in a tragic way.

I heard a remarkable statistic: the US spent 40% of its GNP on war needs in WWII, whereas we only spend 1% now. That's why not many of us are protesting. It's not affecting us that much. At least not until future generations who have to pay back to cover the gargantuan deficit.

But in Brent Green's blog, Booomers, he writes about the decidedly few protestors who came out for "Recreate 68" of Boomers-and-older at the Democratic National Convention. "In a time of public complacency about overt challenges to established international foreign policies," he wrote, "I experienced an upwelling of excitement for those willing to set themselves against the norms. They were impassioned and amused; dedicated and playful...Maybe these former Vietnam War protestors have never completely left behind the urgency of peace, and perhaps the 2008 Democratic National Convention inspired resurrection of dormant needs to engage once again in the chaotic process of policy change."

Tony Robinson reports for the Denver independent radio station, KGNU. He asks where were the protestors who were supposed to come out to march against the war? There were a scant 1000, even though 50,000 were predicted. Were they scared off by reports of the police coverage in Denver? Do people care less about the war, now that even the Bush administration talks about phased withdrawal and Iraqis want that? it that people are engaged in the political process more than they have been in a long while?

Where are you with this presidential election? Are you enthused, once again involved and caring as you were in your college days? Are you giving more money than you have in the past? Are you volunteering your time to get the vote out?

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