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Boomers are just beginning to retire...

Posted Jul 18 2012 1:55pm

The aging of the Baby Boomer generation has made retirement a critical topic for workers, retirees and social scientists alike.

Boomer-Retirement-Life-Tips Millions of Baby Boomers are just beginning to retire, and in doing so many are likely to run into adjustment problems--such as loss of identity, deterioration of marriage and social life, and feelings of disconnectedness to the world.  Even those who claim to enjoy retirement may experience some uneasiness as they adapt to a life lacking in structure and direction.

However, uncovering these problems also leads to the discovery of new, highly-effective solutions in two new books. 

" The Retirement Maze: What You Should Know Before and After Your Retire " by Rob Pascale, Ph.D., Louis H. Primavera, Ph.D., and Rip Roach repose tactics to enable both current and future retirees to be better prepared, allowing them to avoid being blind-sided by unexpected situations.

In " Boomer Retirement Life Tips " previous postings on the SoBabyBoomer Life Tips blog document what has worked well for boomers who are becoming aware that they are experiencing a different type of retirement than the previous generation.  Compared to other generations, these confident and independent boomers admit that
+ They need more money than their parents' generation to live comfortably.
+ Their generation is more self-indulgent than their parents'.
+ They will be healthier and live longer.

Direction and structure are elements most surrendered in retirement.  After leaving the workforce, many retirees lose the regular schedules and routines that make up a job.  Without structure, retirees may feel a loss of focus and a lack of direction to their lives, and this can lead them to feel unproductive, disconnected and without a sense of personal control.

Staying motivated is critical to a successful retirement.  There's nothing and no one forcing you to do anything, so it's all too easy to just shrug and say, "Why bother?"  However, retirees who are driven to put some structure and purpose to their lives , such as an encore career, can achieve a forward momentum that feeds on itself.

Here are some of the preparations and solutions that you will learn about in the Retirement Maze :

The emotional steps of retirement: the honeymoon, disenchantment, reorientation and stability are all serious phases that are important to learn and move on from.

Push and Pull factors: did you retire on your own terms?  Did you feel pushed out of the workforce?  Find out what qualifies as a Push or Pull factor, and what makes for a happier retiree.

How should you use your time?: activity is necessary.  Well adjusted retirees spend an average of almost 25 hours/week involved in dynamic home-based activities and about 14 hours/week in social activities.

Baby boomer couple 4 Keeping the flame alive: as with marriages in general, the honeymoon period of retirement ends quickly---on average, a little after 6 months.  Only 75% of those retired have sex "regularly" as opposed to 90% among those employed.  Learn how to avoid becoming a part of that statistic.

Enjoying retirement is unquestionably tied to the quality of your social life.  A satisfying one lets retirees feel connected to the outside world and results from having a sufficient number of people in your social circle and spending ample amounts of time with them.

However, what seems to be more important than specific activities is your motivation to continually look for things that meet your personal needs.  Well-adjusted retirees are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting things to do and view retirement as an opportunity for new experiences.

Robert Pascale: The Retirement Maze: What You Should Know Before and After You Retire   Robert Pascale: The Retirement Maze: What You Should Know Before and After You Retire  ($26.19)

John Agno: Boomer Retirement Life Tips   John Agno: Boomer Retirement Life Tips  ($2.99)

John Agno: Books for Boomers: Reviews & Coaching Tips   John Agno: Books for Boomers: Reviews & Coaching Tips  (FREE)

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