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Blood Boil has been adjusted to compensate for the change in Pestilence

Posted May 09 2013 3:50am

The changes of the Death Knight are extensive and we are going to pick out the highlights and talk about what they mean for the class as a whole.While Death and Decay is on cool-down, buy wow gold Pestilence is being relegated to Blood Boil and now it will only spread the diseases on the Death Knight's current target, not inflict any immediate damage.


Blood Boil has been adjusted to compensate for the change in Pestilence. It deals damage to targets that are not afflicted by diseases and deals increased damage to diseased targets. Blood Boil's range has been reduced, and its base damage increased.Blood Plague and Frost Fever have had their base duration increased to 15 seconds, from 12.Plague Strike no longer removes a HoT effect from the target. To compensate, its damage has been substantially increased.For auras like Blood Aura, Frost Aura and Unholy Aura, they've been replaced with Improved Blood/Frost/Unholy Presence. Specing into this talent adds a bonus to the presence as well as allows the Death Knight to keep a function of each presence even while in difference presences.


Improved Frost Presence grants Frost Presence's health bonus in all Presences.The Sudden Doom talent in the Blood tree now procs a free Death Coil instead of requiring you to push the button.Howling Blast swapped positions with Hungering Cold in the talent tree, buy guild wars 2 gold and damage bonus to targets afflicted by Frost Fever reduced from 100% to 50%. Hungering cold is the 51 pt talent in the frost tree.

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