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Big van gundy: LinShuHao deron most overvalued temporary not charge back

Posted Jan 26 2013 1:17am
Before the Orlando magic coach Stan van gundy an interview said that LinShuHao in the league is the most overrated player and deron Williams is no exception. He also said, Joe - Johnson's value and didn't get industry recognition. Nike KD 5 Christmas The interview, USA today reporter asked van gundy, who is his mind the most overvalued player? The latter gives the name of two people. "LinShuHao - his ability to reach the height of the third all-star." Van gundy said, "I have never felt deron Williams be overrated, but now many people still think of him as the best league in the first two or one of the first three point guard, but in fact, his recent season did not hit such a high level." Van gundy said. Who is the NBA's most was undervalued star? "I don't know Joe Johnson is undervalued, but he did not get enough recognition." Van gundy said. Reporter then asked him if he would like to consider as the nets coach? Jeff van gundy's answer is: don't do the preparation. "P.J. card column seamus is now the nets coach, I admire and respect him very much. If it is Hugh season, that I will listen to my team to open quotation, but now I don't have a rest 6, 7 months, I haven't do whether to a manager's preparation." Van gundy told reporters.Oklahoma city thunder away to a 109-97 victory over the Los Angeles clippers, the game, the thunder team for 3 and 15, 15 remember three points is not only a single field this season's 3-pointer with new record, at the same time is also the thunder team since 2004, November 16 single-game hit and written record since the three points. Special to note is that hit 15 remember three points from Seattle to be the team's move to Oklahoma city after the single field hit three points record. Kevin Durant Shoes Cleveland home to a 95-90 win over Boston celtics, the game, "the no. 1 pick" Owen 24 shots in 16, 3 one of three shots, seven of his free throws 7, and gets the second career high score forty points, and at the same time, he also became the on March 5, 2010 after lebron James, the first in the cavaliers home fast credit center cut down forty points players. In addition, Owen scored 23 points in the first half, this also is the highest score in the first half of his career record. The Milwaukee bucks at home to a 110-102 win over the Philadelphia 76 ers, the game was the bucks 3600 games in history, 1968-1969 season, the bucks into the NBA, the team won a championship, the record of 1878-1722 negative. After the 2-1 home defeat to Philadelphia, bucks coach Jim - worship blue since taking office has made 6-2, losing record is 75%, it also tied the bucks's new boss took office after eight games the best record record. In 1987, the "silver fox" del Harris and 1992 mike dunleavy have created after taking office 6-2 success. Against the Philadelphia 76 ers game, bucks player larry - sanders sent out 2 shots in a row, this is at least 27 games send out 1 shots, at present he is second in the league record long distance Duncan created 29 games are also two games. Cheap KD 4 Supersonic born again, but the king was declared abdication. Sacramento, boss worked brothers, already from Seattle consortium to reach an agreement: in the $525 million to sell 65% stake in hand team at the same time, the king will be next season at the migration to Seattle. Meanwhile, the Seattle consortium will take the team with the shirt and matching, this also means that once the "the Seattle supersonics" the fastest will be back next season. Although the agreement of the parties still need to wait for approval of the league, but yahoo sports reporter adrien - warner love, base is a source says, NBA council will be overwhelming advantage through this agreement, so that effective transaction. Acquirers Seattle consortium connections not small, leader is the Microsoft CEO Steve palmer and hedge fund manager Chris Hansen. If there is no accident of words, Sacramento Kings will become history, Seattle consortium will take the team with supersonic team of the shirt and matching, and let the team key arena play two seasons, followed in 2015 at the downtown for cost $500 million of new arena. Key arena is the supersonics old arena, there's a lot of old memories of the fans. But the mayor of Sacramento, NBA legend Kevin Johnson in today's clear BiaoTaiHui try our best to keep the Kings, he also serious warning the Seattle supersonics fans: "don't celebrate too early." Cheap Kevin Durant Shoes With the mayor Johnson lead bottom, Sacramento Kings will keep the effort. Three-time all-star Johnson said, specific keep plan is divided into four steps. Johnson said have twenty local investors willing to declare their contribution of at least $1 million, to form a team, buy the king, and the largest investor in this week is expected to be announced. NBA commissioner David stern once want to stay in Sacramento Kings, but big boss does brother has never worked, hoping to sell the team realizable exit NBA. As long as the NBA council through this agreement, then the king will become the history of the NBA, and supersonic is regained. Once was kemp, peyton and ray Allen stars such as Seattle, will again have their own NBA teams.
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