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Best of Boomer Blogs: Aging Boomers Spice Up Their Life

Posted Sep 13 2013 6:23pm
Aging is a State of Being
"Theories of aging often focus on what older adults are doing, and researchers busy themselves trying to quantify the presence or absence of activity. Swedish sociologist Lars Tornstam focuses instead on aging as a state of being in his theory of gerotranscendence. Karen looks ahead at the possibility for such spiritual growth in

Baby Boomer guy

SoBabyBoomer asks, "Is Prostate Cancer The Kiss of Death for Your Sex Life?  

All men who have prostate cancer will have erectile dysfunction forever. 

This is just one of the myths that surround the often uncomfortable subject of prostate cancer.

Boomers Spice Up Their Love Life With Tips From AARP

We’re not kids anymore, but when it comes to romance, sometimes even long-attached boomers find themselves playing coy, teenager-like games. takes a up close look at guys who take one for the home team.

Coupleinbed When it comes to the delicate matter of bedroom experience-enhancing drugs, two time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist and animator Walt Handelsman puts it all on the line. To the tune of Take Me Out To The Ball Game ,” the cartoon hero sneaks upstairs to pop a little blue pill – never imagining his wife knows exactly what he’s up to.

"The cliché is 'You're only as old as you feel,' and it's actually true when it comes to relationships. When you're sitting around with your spouse or significant other, and you have these little inside jokes, you feel like a kid.  To watch the short video, go to:

Dumbing Down Smartphones

Mobile email Amy at Modern Senior spends a lot of her time reading about organizations, academic institutions, and research cooperatives that are working to use technology to improve the life of seniors.  She thinks bright screens and larger buttons do serve a practical purpose and might be just the features some seniors are looking for .

Life is Messy

A couple of recent experiences have reminded Tom Sightings that, sometimes, we have to sit back and relax and accept things for what they are. Because if there's one thing he's learned in his six decades on earth, it's that Life Is Messy .


Laura Lee, the Midlife Crisis Queen , just spent a day and a half in Cuenca Ecuador.  Here are her impressions:  The drive through the Andes to get here, PHENOMENAL!!!

State of U.S. Health

Rita at The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide tells us that death, disability rates in the U.S. increase for age-related disease over two decades .

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John Agno: Boomer Retirement Life Tips   John Agno: Boomer Retirement Life Tips  ($1.99)

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