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Because cheap dr dre beats working relationship, the Beijing some institution staff

Posted Dec 12 2012 2:59am

Recently, the new leadership of the party central committee level, pragmatic, close to people's speech style, left a deep Cheap Beats By Dre impression to the public, but also win a sure-fire splash. The new leadership of the party central committee on many occasions are emphasized, the leading cadre to tell the truth, do not read draft, don't even speak mandarin (refers to those who always true, yet there is no substance in the words, the empty talk, the polite - editor's note). However, in contrast, love speak mandarin Chinese is still present many officials lingering habit, let many people feel antipathy.

Last week, China youth daily social survey center through the public opinion China and Chinese yahoo, of 5163 people a titled "around you love speak mandarin Chinese officials more?" online survey showed that 91.7% of the respondents said he side widespread love speak mandarin Chinese officials, 69.8% of the respondents said side such officials "very much".

Because cheap dr dre beats  working relationship, the Beijing some institution staff WangYang (a pseudonym) often come into contact with some of the speech. He is the truth, these draft often voluminous pages, can express substance as long as hundreds of words will get it done. At the meeting, the people from the book, the crowd of people is drowsy, few people care about is what, what can solve practical problems.

"In a certain range, said mandarin Chinese and is no problem, but mandarin Chinese can't not all occasions, regardless of object talking. Many officials, in private quite will say" person's words ", but a at certain occasions, will not consciously dozen official jargon, speak mandarin Chinese, let a person very antipathy." WangYang said.

"Talk WuGuo, work development." Tianjin citizens sun ce told reporters, gradually became accustomed to the all kinds of mandarin Chinese, recently heard the new central committee leaders talk, feel find everything new and fresh, very kind. He thinks, for mandarin Chinese wind phenomenon, the central government should carry out the improvement, let officials say people can understand, dry people hope that they do.

Investigation shows, for officials used to say mandarin, 91.0% of the respondents to resent, 6.9% said "bad to say," only 2.2% said identity.

Law under China law society, administrative law research board vice-chairman, the national school of administration of natu professor, told the China youth daily reporter to interview, pointed out that in the current officialdom, cadre love said mandarin problem is serious and cause social influence is  very bad. Some leading cadres, including very grass-roots cadres, speech is frequently some or words. Browse many grassroots local government documents will also find that, the file height is very high, appear very "magnificent", to give people to solve practical problems, then shut down.

Think of natu, officials say mandarin, is cheap dre beats actually in the superior voting heart, shout slogans, and not really want to solve practical problems.

The rule of law government research institute of China university of politics and law, vice President of the WangJingBo professor, has been committed to our government administrative culture observation and research. She said, love said the mandarin will be the officialdom deep-rooted problems, there are two main reasons: first of all, current officialdom to some extent there are bureaucratic style of work, many officials will themselves as above the masses, so their discourse nature also "high" in the crowd; Secondly, the current officialdom have a "do not do good" universal phenomenon, namely there is no substance in the speech, not at the actual problem, also won't go wrong, there is no negative what responsibility, so relative to the truth, mandarin, blah natural more popular.

"Mandarin pop is the root cause of the current officials, the wrong people to officials problems such as employment have no voice, so officials don't have the time, no more work, no power to say people can understand words. WangJingBo said.

"Mandarin Chinese flood is the most serious consequences, which is lead to official discourse system and the distance between the discourse system people more and more far. For now many official people solve contradiction, is the premise of good communication. But officials and common people in the discourse system has made little intersection between them and how to communication, and how to form mutual trust?" WangJingBo said.

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