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bad words. Kobe Bryant angry reason

Posted Jan 24 2013 2:35am
is very simple, he think his teammates were not working hard enough, not enough strong. See his teammates drawling appearance, kobe Bryant, he angry with the end of the training. Nike Air Max 360 In scold the teammates later, went all the way back to the dressing room. On the way to the dressing room, Bryant hit off the middle of the court of some object. He came back into the dressing room in this mood, it is estimated that the dressing room is also difficult to escape by luck. Reporters were allowed to interview kobe Bryant, but he declined to speak with reporters. After Bryant broke out, the lakers or allow reporters to interview with kobe Bryant. In the three-game losing streak period they have poise of kobe Bryant, Nike Air Max 360 Mens the flatly refused a reporter to interview, he doesn't have much to say. He want to say all through the storm hit items teammates and clearly stated, he just want to teammates more effort. Kobe Bryant angry and not cause negative effect, but inspired his teammates. "This have demonstration warning significance." A to participate in the training of the person said. Kobe Bryant angry is not without reason, he in the game against the pacers, not yong cut forty points, and the last time the lakers might also save. He made an equaliser three points. The lakers face George hill's breakthrough, Nike Air Max 360 Womens it shows strong enough. Hill was holding, his defensive oppression sex is not enough, let hill straight in the inside. And in the inside after that, he had one off the lakers' two big Dwight - Howard and pau gasol, easily finish a game-winning layup. Seen video people will feel very surprised, how can it be a shot defense. Kobe Bryant to see in the eye, he after the defeat of the face is not good-looking, his skin is emulative. Kobe Bryant is a competitive person, never is. A lot of people say that kobe Bryant is the most close to the Jordan era after the man of god, because he and Jordan, Nike Air Max TN are all very eager to win, very hate failure. Know kobe Bryant why each time against the SUNS will cut the high score? For the sun had two consecutive times in the playoffs in the first round out the lakers, he hates the sun. The lakers seem to have not alert, they in the local time in training on Thursday floppy, especially starters. The lakers starter has three future hall of fame player, but they are the team training, actually many times to a ticket utility man on the bench. He was very angry, and his heart fire. See his teammates like this, he nu. Bryant's gas no white hair, the lakers' victory over the nuggets, yesterday is gave Bryant a
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