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Bacteria, viruses and fungi (oh my!) on the human body

Posted Jun 15 2012 4:43am

Bacteria, viruses and fungi (oh my!) on the human body

Tory Burch OutletNot a great variety of microbes at this site -- it’s usually dominated by just one species of Lactobacillus. (It can be a different one from one woman to the next, however.) But there are differences one sees with pH. With higher pH (i.e. the less acidic), Lactobacillus amounts decrease and microbial diversity goesTory Burch Shoesup.

WhenTory Burch Salea woman is pregnant, the vaginal microbiome becomes even less diverse, scientists reported in a paper published in the journal PLOS ONE after comparing the vaginal flora of 24 healthy pregnant women to those of 60 women who weren’t pregnant. There are fewer bacteria there as well. The scientists speculate that the changes may have a role -- perhaps in protecting the baby who is soon to move through the vaginal canal from picking up infections.

IfCheap Tory Burchdisorders are linked specifically to flora of the small intestine, the Human Microbiome Project might miss it, because only one gut sample was taken, from stool. Taking small intestine samples would have been trickier and pricier to do, explained consortium member Barbara Methe of the J. Craig Venter Institute. You’d have to use an endoscope. That adds to the cost and also makes it harder to get consent from volunteers because it is an invasive procedure and these people are not sick -- they’re just giving their microbes for the furtherance of scienceTory Burch Flats

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