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B12 taken with prescription drugs

Posted by medsec72

My husband is on 10 different prescription drugs:

Finasteride (5 mg) 1x AM, Furosemide (80 mg) 2x day, Lisinopril (5 mg) 1x day AM, Metoprolol (50 mg 2 x day), Primidone (200 mg 1x day bed), Plavix (75 mg 1x dayAM), Probenecid (500 mg 2x day), Simvastatin (20 mg 1x day,bed), Spironolactone (25 mg 1x dayAM), Tamsulosin (.4mg 1x day bed).

Can you suggest a best time to administer vitamin B12 (oral), 1000 mcg?




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