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awakened at 7:15 AM with cloudy vision in left eye. No pain and no other symptom. Vision normalized within 15 minutes.

Posted by sirromi

81 year old male. Had TIA in 2001 in right eye. Spiderlike obstruction that lasted a very short period of time and disappeared. Followed several months later with blood clot in ear causing sudden loss of hearing in right ear. Medical test (MRI) revealed very little. Phospholipids tests were awry in one area. Determined to be a stroke and am taking Aggrenox for the past 9 years with no reoccurrence. Treated for glaucoma with pilocarpine in right eye for several years. No loss of sight and doctor stopped one drop of medication I was taking. The left eye never got medication based on hardness tests. Eyesight 20/20 with glasses.

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