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Apple will launch iPad Mini this year

Posted Jul 21 2012 7:30am

Beijing time on July 21, technology news site ZDNet today published an article named Jason. O ' Grady (Jason D.O'Grady) articles. According to the article, Google Nexus 7 Tablet is one of the most prominent in the 7 inch tablet computer products, popular among consumers in hot pursuit. However, Google missed a product, once the product is listed, sales will exceed Nexus 7.

Google launched a new Nexus 7 tablet, as with most tablets sell for $ 200. However, the Nexus 7 performance really does excellence like Apple New iPad? Not necessarily, but Nexus 7 does have only half the price of iPad.

I have received previously scheduled16GB Nexus 7 today, the model is priced at $ 250. After used several hours, I have a deep impressed on Nexus 7 parameter configuration, product quality and overall style.

Previously CNet, Engadget and The Verge were singing the praises of the products. Nexus 7 is the first "pure Google chupin" Tablet; Tablet products that are priced at $ 200, Nexus 7 was the best performance of a due to carrying nuclear processing chip Tegra 34, and the speed of response are very sensitive. In addition, Nexus 7 also is the first to carry Android tablet computer operating systems 4.1 jelly beans, which is the most fluid of all Android operating system version.

Nexus 7 really is quite good, which is different with Samsung Galaxy Tab and the other 7-inch tablet computer products such as Amazon Kindle Fire. However, there is now a problem has arisen, that Google just leak Apple. What is more, Apple iphone5 is coming, now more and more people are looking for it, even many iphone fans have bought a lot of iphone accessories, such as cute cases for iphone, cool cases for iphone, bling cases for iphone, stylish cases for iphone and so on. In a word, it is hard to beat Apple iPad Mini.

It is clear that consumers want a size 10 inches below the smaller tablet. The hot sales of Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 have proved enough the point. Currently in most entities of retail stores across the nation, Nexus 7 have been sold out, Google 16GB Play online store model after the orders had been to the 3-4 week.

Size is important, a 7-8 inch Tablet compared to 10-inch tablet, more easy to operate, because they could not carry, 10-inch Tablet PCs need to be equipped with a shell; 7 to 8 inch tablet also easy one hand operation, will not let novices away like a 10 inch Tablet PC. For women, children, and those who do not like big-screen tablet users, 7 to 8 inch Tablet PC is very attractive.

As far as price, the price of 8GB Nexus7 is really cheap. However, high-end customers may pay $ 50 more to buy the 16GB version. Even so, priced at $ 250 16GB Nexus 7, storage space compared to the equivalent of the New iPad, which is half the price cheaper. Price has entered into the Apple ecosystem a major barrier, especially for the new Tablet PC users.

However, it will be very difficult to sell tablet computers for PC users those Windows systems. They are used to pay the least amount of money to buy a computer, and trigger price war between vendors. Many PC users find the 16GB iPad prices of $ 500, supporting 4G network 16GB iPad $ 630 and up to iPad prices as high as $ 830, and these prices do not include AppleCare maintenance plan, for this price, are horrified by these users. $ 900, you can buy a powerful fully configured Windows system desktop or notebook computer, or even buy a car.

However, Apple has been carefully studied market response to the 7-inch tablet computer products, and wriggling to try. If Apple releases a 7 to 8-inch Tablet and have reasonably price, there might be a whole Tablet market will be dominated by Apple. If Apple is about to launch 7.85 inch iPad Mini and the rumor is true, the product's screen size will be larger than the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 40%, so the price may not only $ 199. But if the iPad Mini is priced at $ 249, compared to smaller applications of Android tablets, there is no doubt that iPad Mini will be very popular. However, I believe that the Apple Tablet 8 inch retail price may be $ 299. Even so, iPad Mini Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire can still be far left behind.

Google latest launched of Nexus 7 can said to bring a lot of shock for us, its low of price and superb of configuration enough to let anyone heart, while this also to its competition opponent brings has is large of pressure, according to analysis architects said, Google launched Nexus 7 flat of main target is Amazon Kindle Fire, however intends to occupation 7 inches flat market of Apple also impossible ignored off this a market, so is has forced apple to early launched iPad Mini.

"This is a good device, there is no doubt. But its main objective is to Amazon, not Apple. "Market Research Company Technology Business Research Analyst Ezra Gottheil said that," its pricing is very aggressive. ”

Amazon Kindle Fire released last year, also with a 7-inch screen, start at the same $ 199. Analysts expected Amazon will upgrade Kindle Fire configuration in the next few weeks.

But Nexus 7 goal is not selling price of $ 499, carrying 9.7-inch screen of the new iPad, nor costs $ 399 iPad 16GB version 2. United States market research company Gartner analysts Michael Gartenberg said, "but they will certainly compete with Fire.”

However analysts believe Google into the Council, the Fire's success, as well as the market's concern for the 7-inch tablet computer upgrade, will force Apple to launch the same size computer later this year.

Since the first generation of the iPad released in 2010, the rumours said that Apple will launch a 7-inch iPad Mini there. But analysts have now confirmed this belief. Google just released the Nexus 7 almost makes iPad Mini guaranteed products.

"The release of Nexus 7 increased the need to respond to Apple. "Gutezeer said he expected Apple will be launched in autumn this year iPad Mini, drive in the year-end shopping season listing price of somewhere between $ 249 to 299. Gutezeer has always been firmly believes that Apple will launch a smaller size iPad, he believed that the release of Google Nexus 7 will not change Apple's plans.

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