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Apple iPhone5 is coming

Posted Mar 11 2012 8:46am

On March11, regarding to the next generation of Apple's latest Smartphone iPhone5, we recently learned that a number of new reports, including its publication date, hardware specifications, and published prices.

The release date of iPhone5 is still a mystery. According to the law of release date of iPhone 4S to calculate, iPhone5 will be released in October, you can catch up with the Christmas shopping season.

But according to an authoritative media Japan Apple blog Macotakara said, sources revealed to its Apple from Asia in September or October in 2012 will release next-generation smart phones, and just as the same with the released iPhone 4S last year. If the news is confirmed and accurate, so that would mean time years of iPhone5 is the same with upgrades of iPhone 4S, however, published last October of iPhone 4s, 15 months later than last version release cycles, beyond our prediction of top law of December new product release cycle. For iPhone4S, many Apple fans, they just brought the new iPhone4S, they are very careful and want to provide comprehensive solutions for the protection of iPhone4S, so they brought many cases for they beloved iPhone4S, such as some unique iphone cases.

Hardware specifications

About the hardware specifications of iPhone5, we see from iPhone 4S, while iPhone 4S published three months late, but it also has a lot of improvements, faster processor, higher resolution camera of Siri and support speech recognition application. Improvement of iPhone5 are expected to bring more, it can support 4G LTE network and a larger screen.

Processors, while Samsung and Apple in the legal fight to continue, repeatedly because of patent problems confront at Court, but Korea factory will continue to provide Apple parts quad-core Apple device using A6 processor chip, this chip will be used as the iPad 3andiPhone5.

After the iPhone 4S released, insiders: "Apple is being discussed with Samsung processors A6 as processor-related issues in Apple's next generation iPhone product. "And they added:" we can see that Apple and Samsung continue to be it intimate partner relationships ".

Specifications and appearance rumor of iPhone5 also revealed that Apple's next generation of smartphones will continue to use Sony cameras, the appearance of the iPad and mobile equipment as a whole will be more and thinner as possible. But due to the camera's reasons, become thinner or somewhat difficult, Sony has now claimed that, a new generation of post-CMOS camera built into the iPhone5 internal, that on the premise of keeping improving, in favour of mobile phones more and more thin design.

About the new iPhone screen size, rumors said they will maintain a 3.5-inch screen, main concern is based on the application of adaptation, iPhone5 will use the IRIS display with 960 x 640 resolution screen, rather than the currently very hot high definition resolution of 1280 x 720 or 1440 x 800 resolution screen

IPhone5 4G LTE network will be supported in network connections. SIM card, it still has a mini SIM card design.

For iPhone fans, in order to wait the new iPhone, they have brought many iPhone accessories on iphone accessories mall. Are you ready?

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