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Apple iPad3 VS Nexus 7

Posted Jun 29 2012 10:29am

Integrated and non-integrated manufacturing mobile devices have advantages, non-integration reduces costs, but only brings conflicts and properties of the component. Considered the following hardware manufacturers such as HP and Microsoft previously flat situation encountered:

HP flat panel is very thin, it's Intel processor license plate heat is hotter, compatible software and the screen are not very good, on its screen when the user touch operation will be delayed. Prior to HP CEO, it's like driving a car, when you hit the steering wheel, the car did not turn.

About the victory now the integration of mobile devices and non-integrated approach 1995 desktop PC dominate the market, what is the difference between them? The best way to understand these differences, which is a glimpse into the Clay Christensen's theory of disruptive innovation (Editor's Note: is defined as the creation of new markets and the value networks of innovation, as described in the Wikipedia). When a new device is released, it usually also for the vast majority of users "not good enough". Chistensen explain this theory with his famous curve.

According to Christensen's theory, technology is faster than user demand for the technology of development of science and technology (faster than other lines black line in the figure). Eventually, the new device is good enough (black line over the purple/blue line), the user will be reluctant to spend exorbitant price to purchase the upgraded version of the device. From this point, for manufacturers, invest in manufacturing high-performance equipment is meaningless, because the users investment not cold. Manufacturers prefer to use this "improve performance" to reduce the price of equipment. The best way to achieve this, which is to allow different companies producing core software and hardware components, from an integrated approach towards non-integration.

If you agree with the Christensen's theory (most of the executives agree that large enterprises of science and technology), here's an interesting question: when smart phones and tablets, respectively "good enough", the non-integrated approach to defeat integrated manner? My guess is at least 5-10 years, users are not willing to pay for faster bandwidth, more features, long battery life, a large storage capacity, better processor to spend too much money. But no one can really expect. Now Apple iphone5 is coming, more and more people are looking for it, even many iphone have bought many best iphone cases, such as bling iphone cases,unique iphone4 cases and so on. Of course, Apple ipad3 is no exception, best new ipad cases are hot product.

It is easy to see in addition to Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other companies do not understand key differences in the era of PC and mobile age. Christensen himself also did not understand:

Christensen's most embarrassing prophecy is the iPhone will not be successful. As a low-end users, Christensen as a high-end handset it; only later, he treats it as a laptop ,which is disruptive. See iPhone as high-end smartphone, iPhone innovation (above the blue line) will only make it at the highest end of the market. If considered a low-end laptop, iPhone disruptive innovation will eventually contain the PC business. As for the iPad, and indeed this is the case.

After iPad3 was launched, Tablet market is almost created and ruled by IPad3. Microsoft and Google are trying to catch up, Google Android Tablet operating system finally achieved a place in the market, and Windows 8 is expected to last at the end of this year. But in the last two weeks, Microsoft and Google have released a new Tablet hardware device, there is no doubt they want to be able to use these new devices to improve their position in the Tablet market.

Last week, Microsoft released the Tablet Surface. This product is really interesting for Microsoft! After all, Microsoft hardware devices rarely own design, everything is careful to avoid offending their hardware partners. However, because of its hardware partners thus far have not produced a very satisfactory product, Microsoft naturally from its traditional practice, not just to the OEM licensing Windows software, but also their development hardware devices.

Surface design, there are some bright spots: the concept of Touch Cover is good, it looks and functions is similar to the iPad Smart Cover, but it can also serve as a keyboard role. Hardware design has its own characteristics, unlike many currently on the market to see the iPad-style tablet device. This device has two versions: Surface and Surface RT Pro. The former based on ARM, run Windows RT, and pricing has advantages, increase competition with the iPad also have similar ARM plate weights. Surface Pro is based on the Intel, running Windows 8 Pro, will compete with high-end tablet and super book.

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