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All star, the lakers aren't in the top eight history after rare the great difficulty

Posted Feb 26 2013 3:34am
Kobe Bryant recently vowed the lakers will be in the playoffs, to hold a memorial ceremony for the team owner jerry buss late, but after the general schedule and main competitors rockets team, the lakers this season's playoffs seems to be a mission impossible. Nike Air Max 360 A poor start to the season the lakers, it seems that until all star weekend had a rude awakening, after two wins them forward playoff challenge. Think kobe Bryant, the lakers should "continue to stay focused," "play every game as the playoffs to view". Howard also in the all star weekend found after feeling, "we understand residual season how important to us, we also clearly want to accomplish anything. Howard said, "kobe Bryant and I understand this point, everything from me and he started, we have to keep pace with." However, the lakers playoffs worry there, inside general pau gasol had previously been diagnosed with plantar fascia tear has been ruled out for 4 to 6 weeks, the lack of a stable score point. Howard although find some state, but from its peak performance is still a large gap, and can remain stable or unknown. And the latest news is Nash now is for wounds. In the past five years, the western conference playoffs among the lowest losing Dallas and Utah last season was a 54.5%, according to the calculation, losing in the 82 games left in the season, want to in the western conference playoffs at least to get 45 wins. The lakers and wins and negative, and then there were 26 games to play, not to impact the playoffs, in the future, at least 26 games to win and field, scaling down, losing to approach seventy percent. Nike Air Max 360 Mens At present, in the western conference (only 70% of the top two the spurs and thunder, followed by losing the clippers also but 69%. Again to see the lakers' remaining schedule, the future of the 26 regular-season games, they only 12 home game, 3 of them are two even Lord and a three even the Lord; Away game as many as 14 games, both two even guest also have three even the guest, and even quadruple guest at hand, in the first eight occupy to eight, respectively is the mavericks, the Denver nuggets, thunder, the eagle, the pacers, warriors, bucks, the clippers. Remove their own schedule difficult, the lakers' main rival Houston rockets, jazz and the "unsustainable". The lakers temporary row 9 west behind the eighth place three games is poor, and seventh place the jazz have four games difference. Although the lakers on the recent recovery situation, but always keep pace with the rockets, games difference has not been reduced. The current rockets and wins and negative, according to win at least 45 field to calculate the residual of the regular season, and they want to win the games, losing 58.3% to 53.4%, and the rockets are losing is not much difference. The next 24 games, the rockets have 14 at home, including one even seven main road is ten. The current rockets home record for 19 games and negative, losing more than seventy percent; The road record of 12-19 negative. The Utah jazz in the playoffs more hope. They now 31-25 negative, the remaining 26 regular-season games they want to win the games, losing to reach 53.8%, and the jazz losing has reached 55.4%. Residual 26 games, the jazz have 14 home, 12 away. At present the jazz home record for 21-6 negative, losing 77.7%; Road record for 10-19 negative. Nike Air Max 360 Womens Kobe Bryant vowed the lakers will be in the playoffs, maybe have according to the team, especially inside information. With the team to the NBA (including predecessor BAA) later, count the number of times the lakers to the playoffs in the top league, came into the league, they only five times since the playoffs, is absolutely big team. While Bryant I since the 1996 NBA career, only in the 2004-2005 season missed the playoffs. But the lakers this season the playoffs the difficulty is the fact that they may be in the last eight years (from 2005 to 2006 season began to calculation) to make the playoffs for the first time. If the playoffs, the lakers and three big embarrassment, they become the first team since 2006 have at least two all-star starting (when season in 2009), the first branch has at least two MVP, array in the total number of the all-star players more than thirty times, but eventually the playoffs team. Not long ago the end of the all-star game, kobe Bryant and Howard with the starting lineup, the last time a team has at least two all-star starting (when season) but the playoffs embarrassment happened in 2005-2006 season, when yao Ming and Tracy McGrady start with the west, but the rockets in this season to the playoffs. The history of the NBA team encountered so awkward there are 7 times, in addition to 2005-2006 season, the rockets 2002-2003 season the rockets also encountered, when yao Ming and Francis, the rest with the five times respectively is 1977-1978 season, the celtics 1973-1974 season eagle, 1968-1969 season and 1967-1968 season and royal team 1965-1966 season warriors. Nike Air Max 24/7 In the introduction of Nash, the lakers have two has won the MVP of the season award players, if they missed the playoffs, they will become the fifth team in NBA history to have at least two MVP, but eventually the playoffs team, four teams respectively is 2008 to 2009 season the sun (Nash and shaq), 1999-2000 season rocket (Charles barkley and hakeem), 1978-1979 season Celtic (section Vince and McCandless d) and 1969-1970 season royal teams (Robertson and Bob library west).
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